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xxxxxThe Giant of a woman, standing at 7ft 2in tall and built enough that she carries a thought of being an Amazon. Her own grasp of the world is her own. A part time bouncer, and skittish at times are probably a bad mix. To bad she'll keep to her word and her job when she is paid. Otherwise, it is a whole new big world for this girl.

RP Hooks

Denwardenicon.png Bars - Just cause she likes the Bars she works at, doesn't mean that she doesn't mind having a drink.
Denwardenicon.png Changing Breed- Lisa is always looking to meet others of the Ferals. If anything she is even there to find more.
Denwardenicon.png Fitness - Gotta keep in shape somehow right? She could be found in a few different places at times
Denwardenicon.png Hired Muscle - Part time work is part time work, and she rarely asks the questions of what it all really is for.

Other Contacts


  • Noah - Somehow the only one of the Ferals she REALLY has that urge to call "KITTY!". That and accepts his great appreciation for being smart.
  • Nate - Paying off the Student loans by being a park ranger... Seriously, you sure your not a Den Warder?
  • Allegra - BIG Polar bear, interesting girl,
  • Amberyne - Cute, Adorable, yet has her secrets
  • Finley - Stout and a Loyal kinda guy
  • Tess - Mama Bear say knock you out..
  • Kaydin - The White Night.. Adorable, Cute.. Makes a Good Pillow


  • Kaiden - Smells like us a little, but isn't. I'll figure that one out later.
  • Zoe - She is a really interesting girl, bashful as all hell

BlueOctopus2.jpg Lisasteward2.jpg Blueoctopus1.jpg

Lisa Steward
Date of Birth: August 13
Apparent Age: 22
Occupation: Bouncer
Virtue: Loyality
Vice: Lust

Breed: Oceanborn
Species: Octopus
Respect: Loyalty 2
  Ferocity 1

"Don't Look Down" - Martin Garrix

Are your hands shaking?
Are your fears breaking?
Are you climbing all the walls?
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Calm Before The Storm: Something Fishy
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Humera in the Woods
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Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopi
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Calm Before The Storm: The Meeting
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