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Linette Cavanaugh
Legal Truth
Age Mid 20's
Father Gavin Cavanaugh
Mother Luci Fennell

Partners Drake Hawker &
Kyrie Skinner
Daughter Lily Skinner

Sphere Immortal (Purified)

xxxxxThe Born in 1991 in Hanging Hills, Fallcoast, Linette was put into the adoption system soon after birth and in the following fourteen years was moved around between various foster families. Her existence was discovered by her father and she was reclaimed and rescued from the system. She was then home educated until University which she attended out of state and graduated. After this she then returned to Fallcoast.

Hidden Truth [expand]

xxxxxThe fact that Linette Cavanaugh is really Luci Fennell is only know to a handful of people. Once a Immortal Reborn, the then Luci decided she wanted to go through with a transformation to become a Immortal Purified instead. With the help of a close friend she made the transition and discovered that her body had been regressed by twenty years. A new identify was forged and entered into the systems to make it look like she always existed, making her new identity her own daughter.

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Roleplay Hooks
  • Immortal Purified: Linette's aura bears the markings of an Immortal.. an old one.
  • Werewolves: She is considered a pack member of Sentinels of the Dawn
  • Fetish Maker: Amongst the werewolf circles it is starting to be known that she crafts Fetishes. This is knowledge is slowly extending to Shifters of all variations and other Purified.

Roleplay Logs

Prior 'Luci' Roleplay Logs [expand]