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Lily Madeleine

“I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches."
― Alice Roosevelt Longworth

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Name: Lily Talbot
Date of Birth: August 3rd. Leo Baby!
Age: Early 20’s
Occupation: Student, Model, Vlogger, Video Vixen!
Virtue: A little good
Vice: A little bad.

Template: Mortal

The Past

xxxxxLily Talbot was born and bred in Fallcoast and is currently a graduate student at St. John's University. She attended Fallcoast High School and graduated in 2010. While in high school, Lily was part of many social and academic clubs, including cheerleading and the humanities club. Things didn't change too much for her during her undergraduate years at St. John's. Lily became heavily involved in her sorority and her social life was always buzzing. It never took a toll on her studies and she graduated in the top ten percent of her graduating class.
xxxxxHer family can be traced back to Salem, Massachusetts and there is 'rumor' they have direct ancestral line to a family of witches that immigrated from Ireland. The Talbots of Fallcoast have several roots in Europe due to their nomadic lifestyle. The actual surname translates into "Messenger of Destruction."

xxxxxA petite and curvaceous young woman, Lily Talbot stands no more than 5'2" and weights about 130 lbs. Her long dark brown hair hair has touches of lavender highlights throughout the wavy layers. Always groomed to perfection, she rarely appears unkempt. Lily takes great pride in her appearance as is evident by her styling and fashion. Her almond shaped eyes are accentuated by a thick fringe of dark lashes and dark eyes, the color of espresso are often remarked as being 'doe-like'. Her appearance is striking; her face is angelic with the soft roundness of youth upon her cheeks and the fullness of her lips which often is set into a wily little grin. There is a feral feeling to her mannerisms despite exhibiting graceful manners. The curves of her body are a little more voluptuous than what her small frame should be able to hold yet she enjoys to flaunt her figure in haut couture. Her flawless skin is fair and smooth with a natural blush to her cheeks and lips.

Determined to have a friend for each letter of the Alphabet!

  • Chase - Bearer of artifacts and wine. Not unlike Dionysus.
  • Dion - Stepping out of your comfort zone has been rewarding.
  • Evan - It's been a while. Let's get some coffee. I'll pick up donuts.
  • Nadia - My sweet. My precious.
  • Ollie - Behemouth! Also, un'bear'ably cute. <--see what I did there?
  • Tristan - Hearts and stars, baby.
  • Wiley - Skipping class will get you in trouble.


Habits | Tove Lo

I eat my dinner in my bathtub.
Then I go to sex clubs.
Watching freaky people getting it on.
It doesn't make me nervous.
If anything I'm restless.
Yeah I've been around and I've seen it all.

Cool for the Summer | Demi Lovato

Got my mind on your body
And your body on my mind
Got a taste for the cherry
I just need to take a bite
Don't tell your mother
Kiss one another
Die for each other
We're cool for the summer

Style | Taylor Swift

Midnight, You come and pick me up, no headlights
A long drive, Could end in burning flames or paradise
Fade into view, oh, it's been a while
since I have even heard from you
I should just tell you to leave 'cause I
Know exactly where it leads but I
Watch us go 'round and 'round each time
You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye
And I got that red lip classic thing that you like
And when we go crashing down, we come back every time
'Cause we never go out of style
We never go out of style.



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