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“To go wrong in one's own way is better than to go right in someone else's.”

– Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment


xxxxxLilah was born in a different place and as a different person. Growing up, things didn't feel right -- she didn't feel right in her skin -- and when she went to college and realizes that she didn't fit in her skin her family cut her off, disowned her. Her late teens and early twenties were a blur of hard decisions, bouncing from bad relationship to worse, living a step above the street. When she had money, she spent it on becoming the person she felt she was, but then the money would run out and she would make another bad decision. She was a prisoner of a string of boyfriends and girlfriends, of her family's hatred, of her decisions -- of her life -- until one night she realized she wasn't a prisoner at all.

xxxxxThe tenement apartment she shared with her abusive boyfriend was a castle; he was an ogre who had kept her enslaved. The sharp knife wielded by the short-order cook in the Chinese joint on the corner was a sword -- and she, Lilah, was a warrior. She took up the sword; she struck down the ogre, and she wrote her name on the wall -- Astarte, Warlock on the Path of Scourging.

xxxxxThree years later, she is in Fallcoast. Where she was a victim of her body, now she is proud of it. She has fought her demons -- fights her demons every night -- and is beginning to emerge into Awakened society. As a mortal, too, she has found in her adversity some triumph; she's seized some control of her sexuality as a fetish model and escort, now wielding power over others rather than having it used against her. She is proud, strong, even if there's a little voice in the back of her head that reminds her sometimes of how low she was.

RP Hooks
  • Silver Ladder: Lilah was brought into the Silver Ladder by her mentor, a warlock known as the Yellow One. He has moved on, but she is still trying to find her place in the Order. The very idea of belonging is foreign to her, and so it's still an imperfect fit.
  • Goetic Magic: Lilah is one of the Bene Ashmedai, a warlock who deals with goetic demons. She is still new on this path, but someone who seeks such knowledge -- or has it -- might seek her out as partner, pupil or teacher.
  • Fetish Model & Escort: Lilah is a transgender fetish model and escort, specializing mostly in dominant play. She's freely bisexual, happy to top men and women, and sometimes there is the occasional special person -- or very high-paying customer -- that will turn the tables.
  • Wanted: Lilah stabbed her boyfriend Marcus Johnson during her Awakening. She didn't kill him, thankfully, and he didn't really cooperate with the police, but there is a warrant out for her as a person of interest from New York State.

xxxxxLilah Davies is a tall, muscled woman with close cropped hair and a challenging look. An inch or two under six feet, she has a boxer's frame and light blue eyes the color of the sky. Her ears are pierced -- usually with dark spools -- and she is heavily tattooed, with a gun and hairdryer on her upper chest often visible.

xxxxxDressed casually, Lilah wears a tight-fitting cami tank with spaghetti straps and black jeans. Her top is black, a little structured, and it shows the edges of her bra beneath -- also black, it has a little decorative touch in a pair of arcing straps that outline her cleavage. The tank top stops just below her belly button, showing a swathe of tattooed skin above low-riding jeans. Her belt is wide, studded, and the patterned waistband of men's boxers shows above her jeans. She wears boots, heavy shitkickers, completing the punk look.

  • Aja -- Lilah's new girlfriend.

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Lilah Davies
Date of Birth: August 19, 1989
Apparent Age: 26
Occupation: Fetish Model and Escort
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust

Path: Mastigos
Order: Silver Ladder
Legacy: Bene Ashmedai
Cabal: None yet

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Bonfire Beach Party (Plus A Yacht)