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Libby.jpg Libby

“Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.”

xxxxx -- Robert Heinlein

A strange, occasionally socially awkward scientist that works in the CSU division of Fallcoast's law enforcement agencies, Libby is a highly educated, highly intelligent woman who's been working with her fellow squints now for several years. An SJU alumnus, Libby was a bright, overly dedicated student with double majors in biology and forensic science. Nowadays, she processes the delicate and often times puzzling evidence to help in the aid of solving crimes.
Full Name: Elizabeth Lauren Mayfaire
Date of Birth: December 21, 1985
Apparent Age: Late Twenties
Occupation: Forensic Scientist (CSU)
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Greed

Template: Mortal
Roleplay Hooks
  • Forensic Science and the CSU

Libby works in law enforcement, but most of her work is done in a laboratory and, on occasion, on the sites of crimes after they've been properly taped off. Hers is not the gun-toting patrol or detecting variety, but the department in which she works is integral to bringing criminals to justice. As a member of the Crime Scene Unit, Libby can often be found nosing around police crime scenes and in top of the line laboratories processing evidence. It isn't always as exciting as it sounds, and it's never glamorous. Still, Libby is passionate about her work. Work in some sphere of law? You've probably at least seen her.

  • Mortal, Through and Through

Besides a staggering intellect (which has drawbacks of its own), there's very little that makes Libby 'special'. When it comes to the supernatural, Libby is perfectly mundane and completely ignorant of that which goes bump in the night... or day. She's no conspiracy theorist or occultist, but is instead a hard-evidence science-type who doesn't believe for even a moment in many of the things that, despite a lack of explanation, may actually exist.

  • All About Those Bugs

SJU didn't offer a degree in entomology. Few schools do. That hasn't stopped Libby from fostering a hobby and a passion that she's held since childhood. Privately, outside of work, Libby is an avid insect hunter and collector. Regularly, she breeds and raises a variety of insects, be they of exotic or local origin. She belongs to a group of similar enthusiasts in the area. Are you also a bug lover? She also haunts local parks, urban and the north-bound National park, but Libby has been known to go to even odder places. Insects don't just live in the woods, you know.