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Lias Sweater.jpg xxxxxElias von Meyer was born the 4th of May in the year of our Lord 1736 to Dietrich and Helena von Meyer in what is now Lower-Saxony. His family were the remnants of a noble house that was near ruin. Most of their fortunes gone he devoted himself early to the study of fencing, learning the art of swordplay originating with Johannes Liechtenauer. He became quite good, and would offer classes to those wishing to learn, and eventually started travelling to put on demonstrations and shows in the larger cities across Germany.

xxxxxHis mortal life ended when he was 30 years old. At the request of one of the local lords Elias prepared a demonstration for a guest. It was performed by torchlight in the courtyard of his manor, and the guest of honor, a woman of surpassing beauty and grace, watched him as he slid from movement to movement. The demonstration was a combination, starting with a fight between Elias and his disciples coming at him one at a time, and culminating with a duel against the lords best fighter. By the end he had bested them all and Mila, the mysterious woman, was leading him back to her chambers.

xxxxxHis new patron took her time with him, enjoying the evenings of the demonstrations, and even more so those that had nothing planned for the swordsman. In time she made herself known to be among the undead, a vampire of the Daeva Clan and of the Toreador Bloodline. By now he was too far hooked to even consider refusing her offer to perfect his art over an eternity. That night was the first of his Requiem.

xxxxxHe only spent a couple years with his sire, learning what he could from her before the draw of the New World dug into him. The promise of a new frontier, for both kindred and kine, found him securing passage across the ocean. He had been gaining renown among the Invictus, his chosen Covenant, as a formidable fighter and valuable servant. Upon making landfall in New York he found the local Prince, and through a series of challenges cemented the position of Sheriff. Everything was going perfectly for him until the colonists decided it was time to govern themselves.

xxxxxWith the start of the Revolutionary War Elias found himself busy with trying to defend the holdings of his Prince. Enemies were emboldened by the added strain, and soon a rival was making a play for the territory. Elias was ambushed while travelling to investigate a contact that had fallen silent, and while he managed to fight off the attackers and escape he was forced to hide for the night to heal and hunt. The chance never came though, as during the day his chosen sanctuary was attacked and burnt to the ground by mortal forces.

xxxxxDebris from the collapsed building crushed him but kept him insulated from the fire. A timber pierced his heart, keeping him in the nightmare of Torpor till the war had ended. As the building was being rebuilt his body was found by workers, but luck was with him since they left him there, fetching the local authorities rather than pull him out themselves. It was after dark by the time they managed to get back to him, and as they pulled his body free, removing the timber from his body he awakened.

xxxxxWith the blood of the men that found him he recovered enough to leave the ruins. Enough time had passed that things were unfamiliar to him. He returned to New York but found no familiar faces. It didn't take long for him to find the Invictus however, and his name had preceded him. He was filled in on the things that had happened. His Prince had been killed, a casualty of the coup to take the territory. With this knowledge he headed further North to follow rumors of Invictus influence spreading with the settlers of what would soon be Maine.

xxxxxElias found a home there. He helped to build the power base of the Invictus and was a key element of the local court leading up to the eventual State-hood of the territory in 1820. He remained an active member of the Covenant in Maine until the 20's. Members of the Carthians used their contacts in the mafia to hit his territory as had happened during the Revolution, and this time he was deliberately staked and walled off to keep him out of the way for their schemes. It wasn't until the 80's that he was discovered by members of the Invictus and brought back to the waking world.

xxxxxElias has been making himself a new life since awakening. His name in this era has been shortened, and he has taken his father's name as a surname to both blend in with the modern times and to pay homage to his family. Lias Dietrich has remained in the shadows, and now that he has regained some semblance of his former power he has returned to Fallcoast and once again has joined the eternal danse macabre that brings meaning to his Requiem.


  • Vampire: Has been a longtime servant of the Invictus. Records may share some of his exploits, and he is in search of comrades to once again build the power of his chosen family.
  • Fencing: Lias is a Master of the Lichtenauer style of Longsword Fencing and has done consultation work both for movies and television shows as well as various non fiction writings on the subject.
  • Crime: Lias has a long history of using crime to turn a profit, and the modern nights are no different. Contacts, enforcers, deals... anything that makes him richer and furthers his plans is within the realm of possibilities.
  • Order of the Ashen Vambrace: Lias has come back to Fallcoast to start a Chapter of his Knightly Order. He will be serving the First Estate in the Praxis and taking on students that wish to take on the task of becoming a Knight.


  • Submissive Most Honorable Ser Knight
  • Formal Ser Knight
  • Familiar Ser Lias
  • Intimate Lias


Rammstein - Stirb Nicht Vor Mir

Lias White Suit.jpg
Name: Lias Deitrich
DOB: May 4th 1736
Apparent Age: Thirties
Virtue: Stoicism
Vice: Lust

Clan: Daeva
Bloodline: Toreador
Covenant: Invictus
Coterie: None

Notable Stats

Dexterity: *****
Wits: *****
Composure: *****
Weaponry: *****
Resources: *****
Striking Looks (Stunning): **
Striking Voice (Commanding): **




None yet.