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full name
Dr Lenore Harlow
place of birth
date of birth
29 Jan 1988
apparent age
Late twenties
Trainee Medical Examiner
resources *****
medicine *****
empathy *****
Forensics, Research, Pathology
Argument, Emotions

clairvoyance: When most people discuss ESP, they really refer to clairvoyance — the power to perceive things beyond the normal range of human senses. The default form of clairvoyance permits a seer to project all of her senses to a distant location, observing what happens there as if she were physically present.

automatic writing permits a medium to access a source of paranormal knowledge through indirect means. The psychic must first enter a trance state. As she does so, she also randomly draws on paper, usually in a spiral pattern. As her trance takes hold, her writings become less random, and she draws pictures symbolic of whatever questions she seeks to answer.


'Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing.' - Wernher von Braun

'The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary. Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.' - Joseph Conrad


Lenore is, for want of a better word, 'unassuming'. Expressive eyes of a sparkling silver-gray are perhaps the most immediately memorable of her features; with soft, subtle laughter-lines about them suggesting a light humor and unhesitating smile are to be observed. An aquiline, slightly upturned nose and rosebud lips, a fair complexion of peaches and cream and groomed, tawny brows a telling shade or five darker than her hair all combine in an oddly warm, benevolent countenance; a palpable air of gentle authority and calm empathy generally expected of more plump, matronly figures. Tall, though not toweringly so, she stands at perhaps 5'8 and moves with a quiet, unobtrusive manner. Her hair is a bold contrast in shades of platinum, silver and steel, soft and with a natural tousle. It would likely fall, when loosed, in a thick swathe to the middle of her slender back but she keeps it pinned up at her nape, more often than not, with stray wisps framing the angular lines of her jaw and high cheekbones. Her build errs on the willowy side, though it seems merely natural rather than a fashionable choice of vanity; an almost androgynous elegance over voluptuous guile. Her limbs are long - unsurprising, given her height - but toned, hinting toward at least vague athleticism.

Roleplay Hooks

  • Medicine: Lenore spent the last four years completing her residency at St John's Hospital. Maybe you're a former patient or work colleague?
  • CSI: As a Trainee Medical Examiner, she occasionally pops up around crime scenes... or morgues. Mostly morgues.
  • Not from around here: While she's spent several years now in the States, Lenore still has that English accent and fondness for tea and BBC comedy that you might expect.
  • Timely Warnings: Thanks to her 'special talents' (Clairvoyancy: Uncontrolled, Eyes of Another & Automatic Writing), as well as her place of employment, Lenore might occasionally stumble upon something useful, unusual or downright macabre. Feel free to make use of her to kickstart a plot.
  • Posho: She's rich. Let's go shopping.
  • Hunter: Let's face it... there's some weird stuff happening in Fallcoast.
  • Occult: Lately, Lenore has become quite fascinated with this subject. Got any anecdotes you'd like to share?
  • Anti-Badass: The extent of her combat ability is probably to hit you with a rolled up yoga mat. If you're in the mood to scare a poor Mortal.


None yet :(


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