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The Man

xxxxxThis man is, without a doubt, some sort of freak. He has chalk white skin, a muscular build and long, white hair. His lips and the area around his eyes are pitch black, in stark contrast to his skin and hair. No eyelashes or eyebrows, and not even the slightest hint of a stubble makes itself known on his contoured chin. He has some sort of strange marking straight across his face, and his eyes are yellow with a predatory mien to them.


  • Dragons!
    Lazarus is part of the Ordo Dracul, and as such is always up to do plot stuff and events relating to that. His particular occult field is Vitae and it's properties, which he studies through the Coil of Blood, the disicipline of Spoiling and fontal rituals. Anything relating to these matters are sure to grab him!
  • Impaling
    Lazarus is part of a sub-faction within the Ordo Dracul called The Impaled. Inspired by the Ordo Dracul's legendary founder, Vlad Tepes, The Impaled ritually impale themselves on long spikes during a ritual they call The Rite of Impaling, and stay hanging for days on end. They believe that the extreme pain and suffering brings with it a sort of enlightenment, and by learning to overcome it they become more stronger as a result. He considers anything that is hard to do worth doing, if for no other reasons than the trials that will come with doing it will strengthen him. As a result, it should not be too hard to convince him to help you in some troublesome task.
  • Philosophy
    In his mortal days he studied philosophy, and different views on the nature of the World of Darkness and it's inhabitant's minds and perceptions is still something that greatly interests him.
  • 'Cause His Sire Said So
    If nothing else, we can just say his dead sire told him to go and hang out with you. He'll do anything he believes she says. (See 'Deranged' below)
  • 'Deranged
    Lazarus suffers from Delusional Mania. In his particular case, he believes his dead sire (whom he absolutely adores) can speak to him whilst he is undergoing the Rite of Impaling. If possible he will seek her advice before most major decisions, and he will never stray from the advice he thinks he gets. Due to his other flaw, Impossible Standards, should things go badly as a result of him following his "sire's" advice, he will always assume that the fault lies with him.
Strange. Friend?
About them.
About them.
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Vampires Hanging
Forever in These Eyes

Now that I've painted the cover black, they'll never know I'm actually reading 50 Shades. *gasp* Those shoes are FABULOUS! Did I leave the oven on? Yes I did. Stupid me.

This is something I got on Etsy.


“Endure, And through enduring, Grow strong.”
- Dak'kon
vital statistics

Clan icon nosferatu.png
Covenant ordo dracul.png

Birthdate: March 11th, 1878
Apparent Age: Hard to tell, 30ish?
Occupation: None
Virtue: Mettle
Vice: Envy
Sphere: Vampire
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Faction: The Impaled
Title: Illuminus of Carnal Hunger
Methodology: Alchemy
Camp: Angelics
Rite: Wallachian
“There are memories that time does not erase... Forever does not make loss forgettable, only bearable.”
- Cassandra Clare
Clan • (Nosferatu)
Covenant • (Ordo Dracul)
“I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.”
- Edgar Allan Poe

The Brothers Bright ~ Blood on my Name

There's a reckoning a coming
It burns beyond the grave
With lead inside my belly
Cause my soul has lost its way
Oh Lazarus,
How did your debts get paid?
Oh Lazarus,
Were you so afraid?
When the fires,
When the fires has surrounded you
With the hounds of hell coming after you
I've got blood,
I've got blood on my name