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Pre-Approval Requirements for Law & Crime Plots

This posting is to help clarify what the Pre-Approval requirements are for Tiers, and anyone wishing to run a scene within the Law or Crime sphere.

Approval is only required for certain scenes and plots, it is not required for everything, and hopefully after this posting everyone will have a better understanding on what requires approval.

We only require approval on scenes or plots that have a major impact on Fallcoast or Dunlins County, examples would be plots involving terrorist cells, bombings, scenes where dozens of police offices could be killed. Also scenes where your using resources from other spheres like Vampire, Werewolf, Possessed, require us to get approval from that sphere's TL to ensure that the story doesn't disrupt their sphere or plots they have in process.

Tiers and players are welcome to run any kind of social or fun event at any time, these do not require approval or notification. Any crimes that are found in routine police business are also okay to run without any pre-approval. We just ask that major crimes have a ticket opened to +Law so we know it is happening, and we can monitor the impact of the event. There are many times we receive requests outside of Law from other citizens, mages, Private Investigators that see a event on Media or hear about it and want to investigate on their own and if we have no knowledge of these events then it is hard for us to fulfill those requests.

Examples of Scenes requiring a pre-approval.

- Any scene involving a named NPC criminal group listed in Crime in Fallcoast or any multilateral criminal organizations, such as the The Italian Mafia.

- Child trafficking ring opens in Fallcoast and children start to disappear

- Terrorist cell moves in and attempts to blow up the Fallcoast city hall

- Serial Arsonist rampages through the city burning down several buildings daily.

- Blowing up military ships in Fallcoast Harbor

- Crashing Jetliners into the city.

Examples of Scenes that don't require approval

- Drug Deals

- Murder Cases

- Any routine crime, I.E Speeding, shop lifting, assault and battery.

- Kidnapping

- Any kind of social or fun event

- Search and Rescue / Harbor Missions like sinking boats, routine inspections, drug running.

- SWAT Events like Bomb threats/scares outside the main city of Fallcoast.

Also note that Pre-Approval does not mean we will deny the request, just certain things have to be discussed with other spheres, headstaff or other admins to make sure it fits within the metaplot of the game, and doesn't disrupt anything else currently happening. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and resources to have fun, not to crush your ideas and stop you from having a good time.

A note about plots that involve both Law PCs and Crime PCs - we discourage PvP and request that there be a high level of OOC conversation and consent in these situations. Please be sure to read this: Law & Crime.