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Law Plots

Below are various plots that are currently going on within the Law sphere. For more information, please contact the ST leading up the plot, especially if you would like to be involved.

To add a new plot to this page, please see the following template.

Plot Template

  • Name of Plot:
  • Data Plot Started: <Date of first scene>
  • Type: <Combat, Investigation, Recovery, Cover-up etc. These terms are not exclusive and the plot may change due to character actions but they should be indicative of the intention of the ST>
  • Lead Detective: <The Detective (or Patrolman if such a case is needed) heading up the case ICly. Note: Not always going to be the ST and cases can be handed off to other detectives.>
  • Officers involved: <link(s) to PC wiki pages of cops involved in the plot.>
  • Inactive Officers involved: <link(s) to PC wiki pages of inactive Officers who had featured in the plot. This includes active characters who are no longer police officers.>
  • Civilians involved: <link(s) to PC wiki pages of civilians involved. These can be CIs, witnesses, victims, suspects, etc. ME and CSI likely belong here as well.>
  • Overview: <Brief overview of the plot>
  • Logs: <Links to RP logs or the Plot page>
  • Restrictions: <If there are certain things you don't want to have involved in the plot, please say so here.>
  • Current Status: <New, Under Investigation, Resolved, Cold (unsolved but no longer worked on for IC or OOC reasons)>
  • Wall of Honor: <If any PC fell in this plot then please note these heroes here>
  • ST: <Person running the plot/scenes>

Currently Active Plots

  • Name of Plot: The Cure
  • Data Plot Started: August, 2015
  • Type: Investigation (Murder, Kidnapping, Illegal Imprisonment, Torture)
  • Lead Detective: Major Crimes
  • Officers involved: Thorne, Tucker, Jenny, Mike, Fin, Brodie, Renata, Kate
  • Inactive Officers involved:
  • Civilians involved: Averil, Joan
  • Overview: A serial killer mocks the FPD with crimes involving the Zodiac.
  • Logs: The Cure
  • Restrictions: None
  • Current Status: Under Investigation
  • Wall of Honor:
  • ST: Kate

  • Name of Plot: A Model Family
  • Data Plot Started: Sept 3, 2015
  • Type: Investigation (Murder)
  • Lead Detective:
  • Officers involved: Caulfield, Webb
  • Inactive Officers involved: Taggart
  • Civilians involved:
  • Overview: A family is murdered and arranged into a domestic scene.
  • Logs: Logs:A Model Family
  • Restrictions: None
  • Current Status: Under Investigation
  • Wall of Honor:
  • ST: Kate