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Official Report on the ME's

xxxxxMission Statement: To provide accurate certification of the cause of death and to identify, document and interpret relevant forensic scientific information for use in criminal and civil legal proceedings necessary in the investigation of violent, suspicious and sudden unexpected deaths, by properly trained physicians. Providing such information may prevent unnecessary litigation, protect those who may have been falsely accused, and lead to proper adjudication in criminal matters.

xxxxxThe Office of the Medical Examiner is mandated under state statute to investigate certain types of death. These deaths include sudden and unexpected deaths, accidental deaths and violent deaths. The Medical Examiner has the authority under Public Act 181, P.A. 1953, as amended and the Maine Public Health Code, Act 368, P.A. 1978, to order an autopsy to determine or confirm the cause and manner of death.

xxxxxMedical Examiner Investigators have been appointed to be responsible for gathering of information, taking charge of a deceased person and arrange for transport to a morgue facility for further postmortem examination as necessary.

xxxxxThe Office of the Medical Examiner is responsible for the identification of a deceased person and notification to the next of kin of the death, unless such notification has been made by an officer from the state police, county sheriff or municipal police department. The Office of the Medical Examiner is responsible for the issuance of death certificates for all deaths within the jurisdiction of the Medical Examiner. Cremation permits must also be authorized and issued by the Office of the Medical Examiner.

Requirements to be a Medical Examiner

Requirements for All Personnel

  • Players cannot have PCs in more than one Law faction, except that they can have a PC who is a member of the FFD faction as well as a PC in one other Law faction.

Medical Examiner Requirements

  • TBD

Current Plots

Law Plot & Scene Approval Requirements

  • TBD

ME Resources/Useful Links:

ME Application Info

Things to consider and be aware of

  • What is your history?: Your focus in the Department - are you a brand new Med School graduate, a doctor being transferred? What is your background?
  • Note: Supernatural ME Concepts require the approval of both Law and the appropriate Team Lead.
  • New Identity and Law Enforcement PCs: Anyone who wishes to be employed directly by the city using a New Identity requires the 2 dot version. Exceptions can be made for civilian employees who want to mix the 2 dot version with judicious bribes, but this will not be as secure. Also, consultants and the like can have New Identity 1 and be fine.

Wanted / Desired Concepts

  • TBD, Talk to Staff for now

Concepts currently not considered from Chargen:

  • TBD, Talk to Staff for now