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Name: secret
Date of Birth: not your business
Age: rude to ask (late 20s?)

on the side of justice
really. (also accepting contract work.)
Virtue: conviction
Vice: arrogance

Path: obrimos
Order: free council
Legacy: transhuman engineers
Cabal: argos panoptes
RP Hooks

Laverne's reputation probably precedes her. That's par for the course for the recently returned Argos Panoptes, all of whom have rather unsavory traits, but anyone coming looking for her specifically will probably be forewarned of the following:

  • extremist

might be framing it nicely. It's very hard to say how good her intentions are (as in.. they don't seem to be particularly good). She seems to follow some anarchist creed occasionally tempered by a desire for an adrenaline rush. As such, she's a little

  • unpredictable

with her social life. She is, however,

  • very good at getting jobs done

whatever that job may be (within her area of expertise). She is particularly enthusiastic about

  • blowing shit up

particularly if it belongs to a large corporation or the government. She's a bit of a firebug. Okay, more than a bit. She is also a

  • chemical expert

so if you need drugs on top of bombs, well, she can handle that for you, as long as you pay up. In the event you want to blow something up while high as a kite, but you don't know what, she is also a passable

  • electronic information dealer

so.. there's that, too.

  • neutrality

is important to her. For now, she answers solely to cold, hard $$$.


o goddess Laverna!

give me the art of cheating and deceiving,

of making men believe that I am just,

holy, and innocent! extend all darkness

and deep obscurity o'er my misdeeds!

- Horace



The guy you want in the front passenger seat when you're trying to drive away from some dudes who are upset about the spherical salutes you left in their toilet.

  • Mama Candy (NPC)

Known to hit people with her shoe when upset.

Probably the most charming person in our little group of assholes. Granted, that's not saying much.

He hasn't tried to use duct tape on me yet. Then again, I don't get up close and personal enough to warrant it. He's still the guy I want patching me up after an excursion.

This guy! He's a riot. Best scoop I've made for the FC yet. Even though his issues with the man are a little different than mine.

Baby Spark! On her way to being properly corrupted. Fun to go shopping with.

Finger Wigglers:

Consilium cop.

She'll be okay.

Everyone Else:

  • Maybe you?

Pffft. Probably an asshole.



you see a mouse trap
I see free cheese and a fucking challenge!

it's too late it's too soon
or is it?
tick tick tick tick tick tick tick boom

this is what we've waited for
this is it boys, this is war

hold the government

you better right your mind
and live by what you say

a kick in the teeth is good for some
a kiss with a fist is better than none

so come on honey cut yourself to pieces
come on honey give yourself completely

I get a thrill outta playing with fire
'cause you hold your life when you hold that flame

live for rock'n roll
and I'll die, before I sell my soul
yeah I, live for rock'n roll
freedom of expression in a world with no repression

we got strength in numbers
and they’re gon’ to pay

somebody mixed my medicine
I don't know what I'm on
now baby, it's all gone

this is the only way
to build a better day
so let me hear you say
let’s burn it all down