Lark MacLeod

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Birth Details 31, December 1985
Visual Age Early 20's
Occupation Professor of Linguistics, Culture and Occult
Relationship Mated to Jermaine Johnson & Henry Cavanaugh
Sphere Purified & Wolfblooed Born
Played By Samantha Ravndahl
Those Known, Old and New
Drake Hawker
High School Sweetheart. Learned he's married with two wives. Heard they are beautiful, it should be interesting to see what happens.
Caleb Lincoln
Twin Bother back from the dead. So very glad to have found you. I hope you can accept all that happened to me while we were apart.
Ashley Firestone
Caleb's mate. A lovely woman who has welcomed me with hugs and allowed me to carry one of her twins in my arms. She is now family and will be protected like a sister.
Henry Cavanaugh
He found me outside Caleb's house and has been a gentlemen. But he confuses me and makes me curious of a few things. Where that might go, we will simply see as the paths are walked.
Jacobus Durango
Alpha of Caleb's pack. He welcomed me. Then after a meeting over pheasant, fire and booze invited me into his pack. They are missing a Shaman, so maybe I can help.
Jermaine Johnson
First Wolf I meet when I returned to my family's old cabin. Does not understanding the offering of flowering Oak fruit. But was kind nevertheless and has offered to help me get the family's hunting cottage back into repair.
Shadow Garrison
Met this young wolf very quickly during the day I found Caleb. He seems nice, young but nice and gives a good hug even if he didn't seem to know he was doing so.
Linette Cavanaugh
I have yet to meet his beautiful woman. But have been told about her from many sources. One, she is beautiful. Two, she is spirit smart. Three, she is married to Hawker. Four, there is rumor that maybe she is like me. I really want to sit down and talk with her.
Jameson Howard
Another member of Caleb's pack. A judge I am told. He did not say much the one time we met. But he seems respected and has just done a very hard judgement among his pack members.
Roleplay Hooks Known Locations
  • Former Thaumaturge: Ritualistic Magic Knowledge
  • Purified:


  • Jeweler:
  • Tea:
  • Occult:
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