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We are going to use the GMC version of Staff on this game***, where the skills represented gain 1 automatic success.

Staff (* to *****) Effect: Your character has a crew of workers or assistants at her disposal. They may be housekeepers, designers, research assistants, animators, cheap thugs, or whatever else makes sense. For every dot in this Merit, choose one type of assistant, and one Skill. At any reasonable time, her staff can take actions using that Skill. These actions automatically garner a single success. While not useful in contested actions, this guarantees success on minor, mundane activities. Note that you may have employees without requiring the Staff Merit. Staff simply adds a mechanical advantage for those groups.

Deviation from book: ***More than one dot can be assigned to the same type of Staff, raising the minimum successes achieved by them. e.g. you could have Staff 5 (Crafts 2, Socialize 3) for a restaurant, and the cooks would always get a minimum of 2 successes and the waiters would always wait their tables with a minimum of 3 successes (as a guide to how efficient they are, and if it ever comes to a situation where rolling is paramount). * This means you can have Staff 5 (Crafts 5) and have cooks that get 5 successes routinely.

However: Uses of this merit that come up that staff feel are overreaching the power of a single merit will be scrutinized. This merit is intended to be assistants and helpers to players and businesses, not an unstoppable force on thier own.

You can have more than one Staff Merit, provided all your previous Staff Merits are at 5.

Staff Security:

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