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xxxxxA Skinner can't ever really be called spoiled, but if one was spoiled, that was Kyrie. Their house wasn't large and she tormented her brothers endlessly and then she was off with her mother and things happened. They weren't good things and she doesn't like to talk about them, but both parents were lost. The official word was a car accident, though those with connections within the right communities know what happened, though they're often as silent as Kyrie herself.

xxxxxShe raised her brothers from the time she was 17 until the youngest decided to move out at 17 and she's ferally protective of them even now. Don't mess with her brothers or you'll get that wolf in the darkness, plotting your downfall, watching to ensure that you fail, that you fall, that you will not be a threat to her family ever again.

Age Early-Mid 20's
Born 25th Sept 1993
Occupation Surf Bunny, Mother

Engaged Drake & Linette
Daughter Lily Kaimana
Siblings 3 Brothers

Sphere Werewolf
Tribe Hunters in Darkness
Auspice Irraka
Deed Name Sighu'duksium
(Shield of the Weak)
Lowell The middle of the siblings. He's more than a bit feral like her. More serious. Lowell is her responsibility. Madison The youngest sibling. Wicked. Fun. Madison is her laughter.
Maleko The baby daddy. More than that, she is definitely sweet on him. Jax Her uncle. The one that helped her get the boys, keep, and raise them when she was only 17. She owes him a lot.
Zachary Another uncle. He helps cheer her up when everything seems too low. Hawker Keeps trying to keep her. Round and pregnant, Kyrie is often willing to be kidnapped and snuggled.
Luci One of her favorite people, Luci just makes Kyrie want to snuggle up close and ensure her scent is on the older woman.
Roleplay Hooks
  • Skinner: She takes being low class and low income to a whole new level of low.
  • Werewolf: Woof!
  • Surfing: Her passion. She loves surfing and is on the water as much as possible. She works at Hooters mostly at lunch so that she can get out early for the good waves and catch the next ones at sunset. Winter sucks for Kyrie.
  • Job: She works at Hooters. It's good tips if you're willing to flash some cleavage. Better than stripping, though!

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