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Rough Draft For Miami
RP Hooks & Profile
  • Price Family —  Born a dual citizen with Russian mother and local Price father she grew up summering in Moscow and wintering in Miami. Always a fun loving, free spirited child, during the school year she spent most of her time having fun and socializing with the other Prices. She was a bit cliquish about it though. And dispite her striking beauty, she was always a tomboy.

  • Russian —  Her mother's family were deeply imbedded with the Moscow mob and she raised her daughter to participate, the innocent beauty not much of a suspect. She made a great many friends within her large family and the organization. Only odd seeming, she joined the Russian army.

  • Wolfblood —  Father a local Irraka Meninna and mother a Wolfblood from a Russian Meninna family, she was raised in the know. More so as a seeing foretold that she would change. She helped run packages and shadow people for the Russian mob side of the family, who provided muscle and weapons to her Price father, who distributed to local Uratha. She spent a lot of time meeting and interacting with various local packs.

  • Keeper —  Name ????. 3 semi-connected, semi-separate realms, each constantly at war with the others, each realm mostly open to the hedge, with a constant flow of war parties, privateers, and escapes. Blaw blaw think this out.

  • Durance —  Located on one of the boarders of her realm, daily life was fighting off or building up against another connected realm of twisted/corrupted hedge thorns and monsters. Contagious filth spreading and birthing monsters into the open local hedge, they were attacked anywhere and everywhere on her part of the open realm, worse still making hunting forays against the enemy. *Fix this up*

  • Lost Life —  Taken from the military and replaced by a fetch, her life-path was stolen, more so as she is so changed that she could not step back into that life even if it was available. Over the next two years she worked at trying to heal and adjust while making her way slowly back to Miami, hopinf for a new life with that part of her family.

  • Personality — 

  • Jobs —  Now returned to Miami she has taken up two part time jobs (Because her Fetch has all her Price money!). First is as a mechanic for a local bike club. The second is preforming at small clubs and dive bars as "Hell Girl", having a Hard/Alternative rock, Post-Grunge style, with most of her songs having to do with freedom and anti-religion. "Read the bible with thought not faith, and you will see it's god is far more evil than any devil." being a quote when asked about her messages.

  • Changeling —  A Spring, Summer or maybe Dusk Fairest, who loves that confusion as a game, she was abroad during the Event, only recently arriving and oathing to the Freehold. She tends to be very hedge orientated, an aspiring scout and hedge-raider. She is easily friendly if irreverent, helpful if impetuous. Simply she wants allies and friends to stand with against the Hedge-Nasties and the True Fae.

  • Entitlement —  She is said to be either Knights of the Knowledge of the Tongue or Squires of the Broken Bough.

  • Position —  She serves as a path finder, stealthily guarding the just outside the Freehold, fast talking hedge nasties that will listen, shooting those who don't. she is always up for hedge bounty gathering with others.

  • Fetch —  The Fetch is alive, kicking, and living out /her/ life as an heiress and now officer in the Russian Army. Dam thing is doing better at it all than ******* did, dammit!

  • Crime —  Long standing participation with the Russians, smuggling weapons, doing deliveries, and shadowing people. Newly returned, she has kept out of it so far.

  • Law Enforcment —  No records at all, neener neener!

  • Hobby1  —  Kynane is blaw blaw

  • Hobby2  —  Kynane is blaw blaw

  • Hobby3  —  Kynane is blaw blaw

  • [[]] — 

Looks PB: Elena Deligioz
Singing PB: Taylor Momsen
Full Name:  ?? Price or Sweetwater
Age: 22
Occupation: Singer & Mechanic
Changeling: Spring, Summer, or Dusk. Fairest
Kith: Gandharva, Far Walker, Airtouched, Waterborne
Entitlement: Knights of the Knowledge of the Tongue... Probably..
Freehold Position: Finder of Paths
HellGirl Singing List:
Gear Set & Projects
Durance Enemies


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