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RP Hooks

  • Military - Did you serve in the military? Well he did and if you did, may be a good chance to sit and talk with him about it.
  • Task Force Valkyrie - If your apart of TFV than your allies of his and it would be good to sit and talk and get to know one another. As well as what we will be doing together hopefully.
  • Hunter - Yes he is a Hunter, our lives are short due to the monsters we hunt, no one is above the other in this ongoing war. Let him know if you need help.

Another Section

Vital Statistics
Date of Birth: REDACTED
Apparent Age: Early to Mid-Twenties
Occupation: Shipping and Messenger
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Wrath
Sphere: Hunter
Conspiracy: Task Force Valkyrie
Pack: None
Entitlement: None
Notable Stats
Stat •••
Stat •••
Stat •••