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Life passes too quickly. Never let your fears hold you back from experiencing what may lay out in the world for you. Otherwise you will die with regrets.
Biographical Data
Full Name: Kitara Jade Holloway
Date of Birth: February 14th
Apparent Age: Late Teens/Early 20's
Occupation: Model
Build: Petite Hourglass
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Soft Pink
Eyes: Smokey Gray
Striking Looks: Lush Lips
Striking Voice: Honeyed Words
Krewe: None yet but searching!
The Unwanted Keeper

Famous! (3): She's been in a good amount of movies, both main stream and B-rated. She also does her modeling

Infamous! (3): She somehow survived that crazy car accident with barely a scratch.

Local: Born and Raise in Fallcoast.

Fine Arts: She adores the arts, it is one thing she is passionate about.

High Society: She thrives within the richest of the richest.

Pyro?: Who doesn't love playing with fire?

Appearing In:

Bytes of Love (mainstream nerdy rom/com)’

The Beach Party Murder movie series(mainstream horror series)

Got Guns? (B-rated Action Flick)

Lingerie Modeling.

High Fashion Runway for various high end fashion companies


With flawless pale skin, thick pink lips with a darkened edge, smokey-gray eyes enhanced by thick mascara for the perfect darkened frame for those eyes, and curly hair descending to the mid-back consisting of an intermingling of pink and white. With thick but manicured brows, round cheeks, and a rounded chin it gives her a look similar to a pink-haired porcelain doll or cherub. She stands at about 5'8" and seems to well maintain her body and has soft curves. When she walks it is trained and poised.

The Krewe

Coming Soon?

The Others

Seth - New friend in town.
Tristan - A doctor who intrigues me.
Molly - I am looking forward to a ship party!
Ambroise - A brief but intriguing meeting.
Tommy - I adore tasting all the things you cook. Pity you will be nothing more than a friend though.
Davy - My man. Don't worry, he shares though.
Kheiron - New drinking buddy, hope to run into once more.
Trudy - New favorite bartender. I wonder if I can ever catch her on a night off.