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“I have every respect for your deductions, but you are wrong, completely and absolutely, and without any doubt. ”

– Tove Jansson, The Moomins


xxxxx Kir was born in Finland in 1998. There, her life was normal. Though she wasn't. In fact, she was very catlike in behaviour. She purred and hissed. She even gave a boy a deer's heart. Yup. She was a freak. After her graduation, she first went as a volunteer to the army. A few weeks ago, all started making sense. She seems to be a cat! :D

RP Hooks
  • Former soldier: She almost was a soldier for a year. That is, before she was kicked out a week before the end of her enlistment... as to why she went to the army, ask her yourself
  • Law Student: Yup! She has to be possessed to learn that!
  • Wagner: Much to her dislike, she has swedish relatives. And, apparently, quite a few cousins here.
  • Feral: Cat! Cats are perfect! Who does not like them?
  • Wrestler: she just joined LONE

Samantha - My pervert of a girlfriend! :D <3
Tomoko - My boss and best friend here.
Jill - A friend from wrestling. You WILL so regain your title!
Sabo - Favourite target to tease.
Helga - Best cousin ever.
Polka - Birby! You can teach me to fly, so I can achieve air superiority
Tori - Tech kitty is good kitty. But me is best kitty!
PC Thorpe - Yes, Adam may deny it, but deep down, he knows he is a police constable! He can argue as much as he want, but he can't deny what he is!



KirCat.jpeg KirFem.jpg [[Image:|x150px]]

'Jääkäri' Kirsikka Seppänen
Date of Birth: 05th October 1998
Apparent Age: Teens
Occupation: Law Student
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Pride

Clan: None
Order: None
Geist: None
Pack: None
Entitlement: None

Lordi - The Devil is a Loser

You wanted power and you begged for fame
You wanted everything the easy way
You wanted gain without pain
Now your bill is in the mail
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  • (2017.11.24)
Supremacy: LONE 6 ThanksBEATING!
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Supremacy: LONE 8 New Years Rising
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Supremacy: LONE 9 Fallcoast Fallout
  • (2018.03.30)
Supremacy: LONE 10 Tag Team Classic Night 1
  • (2018.05.12)
Eurovision 2018
  • (2018.05.22)
I'm so hungry I could maul a donut
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Supremacy: LONE 12 The Rumble
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Supremacy: LONE 14 2 Year Anniversary: Redemption
  • (2018.09.28)
Supremacy: LONE 15 Retribution
  • (2018.10.26)
Supremacy: LONE 16 Halloween II
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Supremacy: LONE 18 Holiday Hell 2
  • (2019.01.25)
Supremacy: LONE 19 New Years Rising 2