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Kingboo1.jpg King Boo

“From now on, I'm opting for ontological terrorism.”

xxxxx -- The Invisibles, Vol. 6: Kissing Mister Quimper

King Boo isn't from Fallcoast. He just appeared one night with a suitcase and a laptop computer. Rumor has it he was a gangster in his other life though it is hard to imagine a nerd like him dealing drugs and doing drive bys...
Date of Birth: March 5th, 1985
Apparent Age: Thirties
Occupation: Internet Troll
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Greed

Path: Mastigos
Order: Free Council
Legacy: None
Cabal: School of Night
Roleplay Hooks
  • Ghost King Cometh

Organized Crime - King Boo has ties to the Triads, though this isn't commonly known. Still the Wah Ching might have directed you to him...that is if they trust you.

Digital Entertainment - Boo runs a digital entertainment company called "Mushroom Kingdom Productions Inc." He's always looking for new talent. Contact him if you want to perform.

Hacking - King Boo is a notorious computer hacker. Perhaps you are connected to him through the Dark Web? Regardless, he's a black hack for hire. He'll do some one dirty or clean up someone's mess. Either way it is how he gets paid.

Hangout - King Boo owns an Internet cafe called "Neon Shudder". It is in the low rent part of the commercial district and besides providing high speed Internet to the locals he also fixes computers out of it. Stop by for a shitty cup of coffee and check your email or surf for porn or...whatever.

Ars Nova - Atlantis is dead. King Boo doesn't care how it was done. He's interested in how it can be done!

Wise guy or Wise Guy? - No pun intended.



Blow us a kiss, we'll blow you to pieces

I don't give a fuck, I'm rich like 66666!

Sticks and stones, Kate Monster

  • None yet
      lcenter Irene is King Boo's retainer...or possibly his mother. A former stripper, dealer, and biker queen, Irene has been out of jail and out to pasture for the last few years. She now works for King Boo doing god only knows what. She has a fake leg.