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Kian King
"Exite! Chemicus sum!"

—Personal Motto, Latin for "Back off, man! I'm a scientist!"

Who is Kian
Kian is an immigrant to fallcoast coming from across the sea from the magical land of Manchester, England. The land where the greatest football team in the land hails from, Manchester United. He is an ex-RAF medic turned surgeon who is now a well respected doctor and researcher with Cheiron Biotechnology. He specializes in trauma treatment and is sought out by soldiers, police officers and athletes for his skillful work and ability to keep a secret. On the down low he is also a hunter working for the Cheiron group as a retrieval and research specialist, his main work is in the installation of new thaumatechnology and the research of dangerous paranormal creatures. He has many dissertations written for normal medicine but even more dissertations only available to people with the right kind of clearances. His favorite paper was on the Dissection of a North American Mountain Troll. Which he found is startlingly similar to modern humans and chimpanzees but infuriating to work with due to the constant need of a blow torch.
  • Doctor: Kian is a successful Trauma Surgeon who runs his own level 2 clinic with local contracts with other hospitals for treatment of severe injuries, transplants, and oddly sports injuries(hunters pull alot of muscles). Kian himself is a skilled general surgeon with a specialty in transplants and is even a decent general practitioner when he has to be. His clinic is noted by local hunters to take cash and 'fudge' expenses to insurance. Those bioacid burns? nah! that was obviously boiling water burns. You should be careful with that coffee.
  • Hunter: Kian isnt a hunter because he hates monsters or even fears them. He is a hunter for the same reason that rangers sometimes put down bears. Supernatural creatures are sometimes dangerous and frequently need to be put down. Most of his hunting has to do with assignments from Cheiron or personal retrieval of interesting specimens. He has been known to pay out bounties for interesting or intact specimens
  • Clinic: His clinic is a little large to be called a clinic but it isnt legally a full hospital since it mostly handles trauma cases and long term hospice for special clients, it is though currently hiring nurses, office staff, janitors, and other doctors. People who apply are generally also signed in to Cheiron as well but only since his clinic is partly owned by them(he owns 80 percent of it with Cheiron owning the...special items and backing his more obscure licenses). If you would like to apply please give him a call.

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Name Kian King
Conspiracy Cheiron Group
Corporate Title Vice President of Research for The North East United States
Cell None
Favorite Food Spaghetti Carbonara
Occupation Trauma Surgeon/Hunter Doctor/Researcher
Height 6 foot 2
Weight 180 pounds
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Black/Grey
Apparent Age Early to late 30s
Virtue Charity
Vice Pride
Concept Dr.Manchester
Overkill. Overkill, Colin Hay