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“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”

– Brad Henry


xxxxxAlways polite and always well dressed.

RP Hooks
  • Teacher: Kheiron is a teacher and advisor, need help learning, need assistance in a problem. He can't say no.
  • Magic Academy: He teaches at the mage academy, perhaps you will meet him there?
  • Mimir's Voice: Kheiron is apart of the Legacy of Mimir's Voice, know about them? Want to learn about them?
  • Books: He is quite a bibliophile collecting and reading old books and tomes, got some? Enjoy books?

Some Subsection

  • Party: With his calm and proper demeanor one would not expect that he would be one to party, but he does enjoy to have some fun.
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Kheiron2.jpg Kheiron3.jpg Kheiron4.jpg

Date of Birth: 10 Oct 1992
Apparent Age: 30
Occupation: Educator
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Lust

Order: Mysterium
Legacy: Mimir's Voice

David Hasselhoff - True Survivor

Go we need some, go we need some action!
If we're gonna make it like a true survivor
We need some action!
If we wanna take our love away from here
  • (2018.01.10)
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