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“And I'm not done... And I won't be till my head falls off. ”

– They Might Be Giants


xxxxxKevin tries to keep things calm, relaxed and cool. He coordinates for minor punk bands and mostly tries to eek out a living as best he can. He vapes with a clove flavored oil because he likes the numbing and doesn't mind the smell.

RP Hooks
  • Wolf-blooded - Kevin's a full-on Wolf-blooded, and he's seen freaky shit since he was a kid.
  • I Have Special Eyes... - Kevin's eyes are a golden yellow that almost shine even at night. With them, he sees spirits, Angels, and other things you're not supposed to see!
  • Punk? - Kevin likes to think he is one and tries to live the mindset of a punk, thought this seems to be fading. Was it a phase?
  • Rapscallion - Kevin's been in some shit. Mostly, petty things: theft, trespassing, and loitering, mostly.
  • I know a guy... - Kevin knows people. He's not a grand architect of societal gatherings, but if you need tickets to something sold out. Let him know. He might know a stage hand who owes him a favor or a server at that fancy cheese tasting who he helped get a job.
  • "What Blooded are for" - It's a phrase he says a lot. Around werewolves, he seems more eager to please. More subservient, and more willing to do anything they ask. Strange.
  • Scars - Anyone who's seen his back may see quite a few scars - especially what could only be caused by the claws of an angry wolf.
  • Curious - He likes to people watch, look at different cultures, and listen to people talk about themselves. Need an ego boost? Kevin's all about that!
People I've met
  • Kyrie - I fear pain from us both, but I can't stop.
  • Madison - You're going to get me in so much trouble. I like that.
  • Rictus - Pretty sure you could break me in half. I want to see you try.
  • Roman - You're a good man, Roman. A good man. That's the worst thing to be, some times, but damnit you try not to let anyone take it from you. And I won't let them, either.
  • Sevi - You seem like a fighter. I'm wishing you luck out there.

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Kevin Deathrage
Kevin 1.png
Date of Birth: 9-30-94
Apparent Age: 23
Played By: Dylan O'Brien
Occupation: Confused
Virtue: Compassion
Vice: Egotistical

Clan: None
Pack: None

They Might Be Giants - I've got a fang

Glistening white triangular tooth
Open up a can of tomato juice
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