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Kenzie is still new to the area. She’s recently relocated from Des Moines, Iowa to attend university here in Fallcoast. Why Fallcoast? Family, of course. Hers doesn’t have a fancy last name but they’re a tight knit little group.


Sadly, since moving here, Kenzie's Dad, Joe Eaton, fell victim to a home invasion and was killed. Things are a little rocky for the petite brunette at the moment. Her dad had just accepted a position at the University .. the same one Kenzie's attending. Walking through the campus is like walking through a memory where she sees her father's passion everywhere.


RP Hooks


* - New to town – Might be obvious by the perpetually lost look on her face, but Kenzie isn’t from around here. She’ll find her way around .. eventually. Until then she’ll have to rely on the kindness of strangers. Everyone’s kind at heart, right?


* - University Student – Kenzie is just starting her bachelors during the winter 2016 semester. She has no clue what she wants to be when she grows up, or what to take in the meantime. Have any advice?


* - Curiouser and curiouser –Although she’s just a puny little mortal, Kenzie wonders about a great many things. She’s never seen anything first hand, or heard of anything second hand but .. all those tales can’t be wrong, can they?


* - Caffeine addict –Yes, she’s addicted. No, she can’t just stop anytime she wants. Well .. maybe, but she doesn’t want to. No harm in coffee, is there? And maybe she’ll run into a new face as she tests out the local shoppes.

* - Bookworm –Kenzie loves to read. It doesn't matter if it's fact or fiction -- Kenzie will read it all. She loves to hang out at places filled with books such as libraries and she could spend hours at the bookstore.

* - Gamer Girl –So she's not the most hardcore gamer, but she does play a little beyond things like the Sims. She prefers RPGs and if you ask her, she'll tell you all about this one time in Skyrim .. ..






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