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Covenant ordo dracul.pngKatarina IvanovCovenant ordo dracul.png
Cryptic Confessor Katarina Ivanov, Shrouded Initiate of the Elysian Curse

Bloodline mekhet tismanu.png Amid the Fog of Eternity Bloodline mekhet tismanu.png
xxxxxNearly two thirds of her Requiem has been spent in years long naps between bouts of activity here and there. She's long since forgotten her mortal family for the most part but was of French and Russian intermarried nobility stock and grew up in the court of the St. Petersburg castle in Russia, some decades before Catherine the Great's time. She was not set to be married but instead to join a nunnery as she was sterile, but such was never to happen as she died before her father did. She has no mortal offspring. Yes. She was to be entered into a nunnery, and the Priest of the place was Tismanu.

xxxxxRather than her being properly brought in, she became his own private shadow. Of course, his madness was kept secret, as she was told to keep hers. Something of the twist during the embrace. Like proof that it was real. She did not have synesthesia whilst alive. Her Sire is back in Russia still, her ties to the Mekhet around Prague buttressing those to him to keep her abreast of some of what goes on there still. She is Ordo and was embraced into the bloodline, same with the Covenant, though she also has a hefty respect for the First Estate given the Orthodoxy and her age.

xxxxxShe's been in torpor probably ten times if two, has no childer nor ghouls or thralls to speak of. Until she was well over a century into her time with the Ordo she was still considered a Slave. She's taken and blended Eupraxia's confessional and absolution style aspects with her psychiatric practice, founded after decades of study of the human mind on waking this last time.
Bloodline mekhet tismanu.png Roleplay Hooks Bloodline mekhet tismanu.png
Trained formally as a psychiatrist, she loves psychology and neurobiology as well.
Spent years of her mortal life in a nunnery, ghouled to an Orthodox Priest before being embraced.
Dragon Lady
Over three centuries with the Ordo Dracul in Prague. She's a Dragon Monk of the Tismanu.
From the court of Empress Catherine the First of Russia.
Kat's a Mekhet.
Medium and Locus Drinker
She rarely indulges even in animal blood, instead consuming essence when possible. She can speak to spirits and the dead and has been known to traverse the Gauntlet and the Shadow prior, though she is still recovering some of her memories.
Bloodline mekhet tismanu.png The Dancing Play of Light and Shadow Bloodline mekhet tismanu.png


Bloodline mekhet tismanu.png In Motion Bloodline mekhet tismanu.png

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Bloodline mekhet tismanu.png Personal Bloodline mekhet tismanu.png
Name: Katarina Sophia Ivanov
Hometown: St. Petersburg, Russia
Embraced: November 15, 1689
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Sphere: Vampire
Bloodline: Tismanu
Clan: Mekhet
Virtue: Integrity
Vice: Vanity
Bloodline mekhet tismanu.png Stats Bloodline mekhet tismanu.png
Kindred Medium: ● ● ● ●
Medicine: ● ● ●
Science: ● ● ●
Locus Drinker: ● ● ●
Obfuscate: ● ● ●
Occult: ● ●
Empathy: ● ●
Persuasion: ● ●
Socialize: ● ●
Eupraxia: ● ●
Coil of Banes: ● ●
Coil of the Soul: ● ●
Auspex: ● ●
Blood Tenebrous: ● ●
Language: Latin
Language: Italian
Language: French
Language: German
Language: Russian
Language: Ukranian
Medicine Specialty: Psychiatry
Medicine Specialty: Psychology
Medicine Specialty: Neurobiology
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