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Full Name Kamini Das
Ethnicity Indian
Place of Birth Fallcoast
Date of Birth March 06, 1994
Apparent Age Early to Mid Twenties
Occupation Waitress, Model
Virtue Hope
Vice Lasciviousness

Intelligence *****
Wits *****
Resolve *****

Strength *****
Dexterity *****
Stamina *****

Presence *****
Manipulation *****
Composure *****

Morality **********
Willpower **********

Visible Qualities
Striking Looks +2 (Voluptuous)

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Standing 5ft6 barefoot, she's neither particularly tall or short. Her olive skin tone, dark brown eyes, black hair, and facial features all suggest indian ancestery. Her dark hair, dark brown eyes, and smooth olive skin are further accented by her full lips being painted with darker red lipsticks. While by most standards her figure would be lovely and beautiful on its own, it is set apart by her quite ample chest. While it more than fills out almost any top she wears it also accentuates her other curves.


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Bullet-1.png Local - Kamini has lived here all her life.

Bullet-1.png University Grad - Kamini graduated in Spring 2017.

Bullet-1.png Model - Kamini models for the art department from time to time.

Bullet-1.png Safeword - Kamini's currently a waitress at the BDSM fetish club owned by Fleur


Bullet-1.png Safeword, the BDSM fetish club she works at.


Bullet-1.png Fleur - Her boss


Kamini2.jpg Full gallery - Warning Nudity NSFW
Work Wardrobe - NSFW