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Kaleina Mhairi

“Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men -- the other 999 follow women.” - Groucho Marx


Date of Birth:
Redacted from all Sources
Apparent Age:
Head of the Blackstone Company
Circle of the Crone
None, yet
Ultra-Magnate and Master Blood Sorcerer


Very few people who are not of the Kindred know much about Kaleina Mhairi, and even then, the information that the public has access to is relatively limited. Though she currently presents herself as a young heiress and inheritor of the Blackstone Company, the kindred know her as much, much older. She does not often get involved in local politics, tending to be significantly less concerned with such things but instead focuses upon the greater political scheme; she plays in the global court instead and occasionally works to improve the standing of her associated entities, such as the Circle of the Crone. Her primary interests are her clan, the Venture, and her ever-growing corporate empire.

While Kaleina has passed through the ages, she has delved into many aspects of the Kindred life, and while she is currently weakened by returning from yet another torpor, it would be foolish to underestimate her. As she has been part of the Circle of Crones since the time she was sired, Kaleina has had plenty of time to develop her skills at blood sorcery, putting her high above many others in terms of that particular discipline.

Now that she has returned, it is presumed that the Blackstone Company will continue to expand and its empire will eventually take control of all of the world’s most valuable resources. Eventually, none will be able to stand against the reach of Kaleina Mhairi.

The Empire

This is where the empire goes.

RP Hooks

Vampire: She is one. A very old one. She knows the ins and outs of kindred society to the point where she has ascended above-and-beyond the level that most kindred operate on. She is well-known among fellow vampires, but mostly through rumor and reputation.
Ultra-Magnate of Blackstone: Among the masses, Blackstone is synonymous with wealth, power, and influence. Few businesses in the world do not have dealings with the globe-spanning mega-corporation, and even then many are outright indebted to or even owned by Blackstone. Its reach is wide and thus, the head of Blackstone, Kaleina Mhairi, is one of the most affluent magnates in the world. Her name is only less readily recognized than that of her corporation, even if she herself is not readily recognized by someone (Fame 3; ultra-magnate).
Ventrue: Not everyone grows up to be amazing, but Kaleina did. She will be more than happy to let you know. At the same time, she has some of the traits one might associate with one of her standing, such as megalomania (flaw, severe), and enough pride for several people (vice, pride).
Circle of the Crone: It's like a crafting circle but with way more ritual human sacrifices. Not, like, a lot, but a bit more. Though most people view the Circle as one circle in just fallcoast, they often forget that there are circles across the globe. Kaleina, however, has not subscribed to any particular circle for some time. If she were to say which one she likely is most aligned to, she would indicate the one in Berlin, where Blackstone is headquartered. She typically regards herself above the general day-to-day workings of the circles and does her own thing. Likewise, Kaleina also has a rich history in the Circle and is occasionally happy to gloat about her contributions which helped lead to the prominence and acceptance of the Circle of the Crone as a dominant covenant.
Blood Sorcery: Blood is synonymous with vampires for many, and among the kindred there are those who are able to wield their vitae in powerful blood sorcery. Kaleina is one such master, having learned a great deal of various techniques, such as being a well-regarded Mambo of Papa Legba, an Apollonia master of Carrefour, a wielder of Blood Tenebrous, and even the mythical and often unknown techniques of Thanatology.

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Exploiting Weakness
Celtic Tradition


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