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“Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice.”

– Polonius: Hamlet: act i, scene iii


xxxxxIt's not that the Irraka is uncommunicative so much as merely quiet, and might very easily come off as aloof or standoffish at first. English is his second language, and as long as your language doesn't get too technical or nuanced.. He's fairly fluent. Just forgive the strong accent.

RP Hooks

SHIFTERS, MAGES: Flying Under the Radar (or pinging it)

  • When out and about, Kid has Feet of Mist active, which adds a penalty to the 'scenting shifters' roll in-scene. This is always the case, unless stated otherwise


  • Kid spends a lot of time reading. Be it a dog-eared novel in a coffee shop or curled up in a library nook with a notepad and several reference books around, he's an easy sight in a bookstore, library, or quiet out-of-the-way place.

Everybody Clocks Out Sometime

  • Exploratory forays into active construction sites, renovation projects, and demolition contracts, Kid likes to take home little trinkets. A weathered nail, a broken brick, a bit of fabric.. But it's not like he can fetch these things while the crews are there.

Pigeon Hill, Moosetown

  • Kid commonly haunts the neighbourhoods

The Vest

  • Kid wears a denim vest several sizes too large for his frame, covered in layer after layer of pins and patches. The oldest layers are mostly MC-related, and almost entirely covered by newer layers of band logos and political affiliations. Black lives matter! #I'll go with you! Feel the Bern! Stand with Standing Rock! Dump Trump! Alt Nat Park! Punch Nazis!

Ninja Project

  • Kid helps run a mostly-free, volunteer-powered gym in A02 that specializes in kids programs, parkour setups, and body-weight training, with a variety of small, short-lived interest courses in other things such as capoeira, boxing, or even just music/dance. This is not a badge-friendly building.

Imagine A Pair of Boots

xxxxxNow imagine that your right foot is two sizes bigger than your left one. No matter what you do, one boot will chafe, and the other will slip, and both will cause blisters. When you mention your discomfort you are told that odd-sized boots are forbidden, because they cause confusion and excess paperwork. It is explained to you that this footwear system works perfectly for everyone else...

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Kid's Inaugural Underworld Excursion

FC7.jpeg Face2.jpg Face4.jpg

Date of Birth: mid-90's
Apparent Age: 20-ish?
Occupation: None
Virtue: Patience
Vice: Paranoia

Pack: Macallaí Cróga
Primal Urge: ●●●●○
Cunning: ●●●○○
Wisdom: ●○○○○
Purity: ●○○○○

Fortune Cookies
"curiosity kills boredom, nothing kills curiosity"


Frank Waln - My Stone

Lived all my life,
Just me and you,
Times got tough,
And you seen me through,
I ain't have a dad,
We ain't have a plan,
Raised by a woman,
Who made me a man,
I know I ain't home,
And your boy is grown,
Forever in my heart,
You will be my stone