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 Walker.png Magic In The Streets

Hand me your hand, let me look in your eyes
As my last chance to feel human begins to vaporize
Maybe it's the heat in here, maybe it's the pressure
You ought to head for the exits, the sooner the better

I am this great, unstable mass of blood and foam
And no one in her right mind would make my home her home
My heart's an autoclave
My heart's an autoclave

When I try to open up to you, I get completely lost
Houses swallowed by the earth, windows thick with frost

And I reach deep down within but the pathways twist and turn
And there's no light anymore and nothing left to burn

I am this great, unstable mass of blood and foam
And no emotion that's worth having could call my heart its home
My heart's an autoclave
My heart's an autoclave

I dreamt that I was perched atop a throne of human skulls
On a cliff above the ocean, howling wind and shrieking seagulls
And the dream went on forever, one single static frame
Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name

 Walker.png RP Hooks

* Local: He was away for a bit, but he is a local. Maybe you knew him growing up?

* Neonate: Johnny may be a Vampire, but he isn't very old. In fact, he has only been Kindred since 2013. He has learned quite a bit in that time.

* Prison: The man was in Maine State Penn from 1998 to 2001, and then again from 2003 to 2008.

* Carthian: Johnny is a Firebrand, and he believes staunchly in the cause. He is likely to get fired up over political conversations, and is staunch in his views of having a Pure Democracy, weighted towards the Movement.

* Ventrue: Surprisingly, this trailer trash bastard is one of the Ventrue. They don't all have wealth and live in high rises, though. What matters is Command...and that is something he has. He is a Lord, indeed, as someone needs to run the dirty parts, too.

* Architect: Johnny Walker is an Architect of the Monolith, working hard to grow his knowledge of the occult and the urban world. He is obsessed with it, like all of his kind. He is incredibly skilled at the sorcerous rituals of Gilded Cage, and wants to make his own.

* Skinner: He's one of -them-.

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Johnny Walker
Census Data Walker.png 
Full Name: Johnny Walker Skinner
Date of Birth: December 16th, 1980
Virtue: Charity
Occupation: Lust
Clan: Ventrue
Bloodline: Architects of the Monolith
Covenant: Carthians
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