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Entitlement squires of the broken bough.png
Entitlement squires of the broken bough.png
Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken..
Code of the Sith

  • Ogre: An Ogre to the O, Johanna lives up to more Ogre stereotypes than she disproves, not neccecarily despite a lack of trying. Large, rough, loyal and prone to violence.
  • Summer: The bristling Mantle of Summer follows Johanna closely, the smell of warm rocks and the heavy heat of a midday sun.
  • Squire: Quite literally a champion sworn to fight the enemies of the Lost, seeking out the cruel, corrupt and cacodaemonic.
  • Ice Cream: Works for Eye Scream Ice Cream, drives a truck.
  • Local:
  • Juvie:
  • Mr Rodgers: Is a melancholic crow with a perchance to quote Poe and tell prophecies of Joahnna's impending doom.


When in doubt, use brute force.
Ken Thompson