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Date of Birth: 06-06-1890
DoE: 12-06-2015
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Occupation: Jeweler
Virtue: Loyalty
Vice: Greed
Template: Immortal (Eternal)
Clan: Deava
Covenant: Ordo Dracula, Circle of the Crone
Coterie: Massasi Al-Damma
Family: Abernathy (status ••)


Relic Creator
Well Traveled


Josef - Still yours. No matter what body.
Daniel Vaughn - Forever your's
Aanisa - Sire.
Charles Abernathy - Brother. NPC
Carolyn Abernathy - Mother. NPC
Caroline - Baby sister
Jonathan - Big brother 2
Angelica- Found a doppelganger? Ethel - Cousin. Here?

The stage set

  • Jeweler: What a shiney for your SO. or just a little something for yourself? Well Jewel makes things of the delicate metals nature. She can make them into Relics as well.
  • Antique Shop: (+travel B03, AS) The woman lives on top of the building of the shop she creates in. This building has been kept by someone but who knows. Perhaps the lover she shared it with is back after her disappearance.
  • Abernathy: Strange little woman who crafts with the weird materials is a Abernathy, over 100 years old. Married Once, Has children from the 1920's. Are they alive, dead?!
  • Abernathy: (not in the know) Jewel just looks like one of her ancestors, she doesn't come out and state who she is, if she is confronted she doesn't hide it but she definitely doesn't admit it right out the gate.

Behind the door

  • Immortal: 1921 is when Jewel learned how to bottle her soul into an object. Do you know how? or are you one of those who steals bodies? Or are there other types that would like to enlighten her?
  • Supernatural:Walked down the path of learning of different supernatruals, as she was out on her hunt for knowledge someone to their attention and put it on Jewel. She's been assessed and embraced. Who knows why for sure, maybe it was because she was already immortal.
  • Vampire: New embrace in vampire world, in her world she's been a vamp since 2015. Could this be why she disappeared? Who wanted to take on her arts? Her sire well Aanisa is her sire.


Crafts: ••••
Occult: •••
Subterfuge: •••


1890 - Born. - Abernathy.
1920 - Began to study the occult. (In England.)
1921 - Became Eternal
1922 - Married, Family. - Children (living?!)
1922 - Met Daniel - first time
1939 - Husband drafted - Never arrived in the war.
1945 - Met Daniel - again
1950 - 1980 - Became his traveling companion. Traveling not in US

1955 - Traveled around Africa
1970 - Traveled around Europe
1980 - Traveled around UK
1990- Traveled Central and South America.

2015 - Returning home - W/Daniel in a new body.

2015 - December. Just as she disappeared. Jewel was Embraced

2020 - June. Came back to her family home.


This wiki was created by Jewel.
Played By: Sophie Turner.