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A Bit about Jessa

Born in Fallcoast Spring of 1995 to a mom who wasnt really ready to be a mom as she was a kid herself. Jessalyn was put up for adoption. And then taken into the care of Robin and James Michaels. Jessa had a typical childhood. She was that fun girl. Always up for anything. Flyer on the cheer squad. Captain of the swim team. A life Guard in the summer at the local pool. Her life wasn't anything to write home about. She just was what normal girls were. She managed to get a partial scholarship to University and attended up until her Junior year when she was caught with drugs in her dorm room And suspended. Trying to get her self back on track and fight the allegations were stressful . but she managed to do so but she never went back to swimming as she had lost her scholarship. her parents were not able to cover the cost of her school. So now Jessa is back. and in community College in Fallcoast and looking at finding a job to help her save up to go back to college.


There are girls that belong in a magazine..Which Magazine is always the question. With a body like Jessa's you picture more Sports Illustrated then Vogue. With a tiny waist softly rounded hips and an ass for days. She has a body that reminds you that curves are ok. Curves are appreciated. Dark Blonde hair that has the I just got out of bed tossle to the locks settle around her shoulders midway down her back. Creamy naturally tan skin usually exposed in crop tops skinny jeans high waist shorts. The view from those grey blue eyes is sometimes serious but most of the time fun loving and experimental. Though 5'5 those beautiful curved legs go on for days. There is something about Jessa.. Something innocent and girl next door yet those curves are sinful..

RP Hooks

Local Girl
Having gone to Highschool locally She was Captain of the Swim Team, Flyer on the Cheer Squad and just a fun loving girl. Did you possibly get drunk or try pot with Jessa in high school? Did you date her anything is possible with Jessa!
Local Swimmers
Jessa was a Life guard all through her summers in high school and college during the summers. And coming back this summer she is working as a life guard though the pay is terrible. It allows her to keep up her tan!
Her mother was a local, her file is sealed because her mother was a Minor.. And she is always looking to find out more information on the mother and father that she never got to meet.


Danity kane - Bad Girl
Look in my eyes covered in Maybelline
Looking like something fresh out a magazine
I can be part of your deepest fantasies
You're the detective, come solve my mystery
Pussycat Dolls - Buttons
You've been saying all the right things all night long
But I can't seem to get you over here to help take this off
Baby, can't you see?
How these clothes are fitting on me
And the heat coming from this beat
I'm about to blow
I don't think you know

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Jessalyn Ashley Michaels
Date of Birth
April 4, 1995
Apparent Age
Swimming, Dancing and Jogging
Played By
Striking Looks
Girl Next Door Sexy