Jean-Phillipe Cavanaugh

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Jean-Phillipe Cavanaugh

"We may not pay Satan reverence, for that would be indiscreet, but we can at least respect his talents."
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- Mark Twain

  • Possessed: Newly arrived and unimportant, for the moment.
  • Wealthy: Exceptionally wealthy even by Cavanaugh standards. Need a loan? Donation? Want to punch the rich boy in the face?
  • Cavanaugh: A minor member in a prominent local family.
  • Double-Dealing: Everyone knows you can make a deal with the devil... a grin and a wink are often all Phillipe needs to steal away your soul. With decent returns.
  • Bastard: It's no secret that Phillipe's parents weren't married, a matter of much consternation for the older Cavanaughs. Feel like making an issue of it?

xxxxxTall, dark, and devilishly handsome. Standing at just over six feet tall, this gentleman carries himself with an almost etherial confidence and acts with an overabundance of enthusiasm and expression; when he presents his cheeky smile, it is as bright and gay as the sun at noon, when he speaks his hands move with grace and character. His accent defines him as one from the 'good parts' of London, and his words appear to be almost always chosen with utmost care. He has caucasian skin with a subtle natural tan, as if having spent time in the sun in the last six months or so but not to the point of turning brown. His shoulders are lean, adding to his stunningly lithe frame.

xxxxxHe has dark brown hair that is kept short and messy, as if having just woken from his sleep. He has sideburns that descend down his cheeks until level with the lobe of his ears. His eyes are of the deepest brown, almost to the point of being black, with hazel flecks passed through his expressive irises. Though not bearded, this man has quite the substantial five o'clock shadow over his cheeks, jaws, upper lip, and chin.


Cavanaugh Family

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Inner Circle

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Friends and Colleagues

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  • Detective - Lovely little drunken chat, could do with less backseat driving though.
  • Lady of the Southside - As we gain power, so do you. I have faith in you, do you?


  • Duchess - Do try to stay out of my head, Duchess. I already have one backseat driver, I don't need two.

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  • (2017.11.01)
A Deal with the Devil
Date of Birth: September 3rd
Virtue: None
Vice: Yes
Occupation: Club Owner/Demon

Apparent Age: Late-Twenties
Height: 6'4"
Hair/Eyes: Dark

Sphere: Possessed
Malpraxis: Headstrong Dealmaking
Primary Vice: Lust

Clutch: None
Demon: Kimfiran, The Lady Of Temptation And Regret