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“He's a walking contradiction, partly truth and party fiction. Takin' every wrong direction on his lonely way back home.”

– Kris Kristofferson, Pilgrim: Chapter 33 Link to the Street Dogs cover [1]


xxxxxJalal is a recent arrival in Fallcoast,spent most of his life in Chicago though was born in India. He will be attending St. John's University when the fall semester starts, he is not a freshman though he is transferring in with credits.

RP Hooks
  • College Student- While he has not fully committed to a degree program yes he is a student and has a couple years of college elsewhere under his belt.
  • Odd Things Odd Places - Jalal is driven to learn more about the weird wondrous world around him, as such it is not unusual for him to get involved in strange situations, or to end up places far from the beaten path.
  • Transplanted Chicagoan - While not technically native to the city of Chicago he lived there for the vast majority of his live moving there shortly before he started grade school and moving away jest recently.


  • Jalal is one of the Minjur, the rats, if you need someone for sneakiness he available to help, or if you just want to be social with another changing breed I am open to that as well or course.
A Short History

xxxxx Jalal's family immigrated to the United States from India when he was for, his parents are both physicians and his father accepts a job teaching at Northwestern University. As a child Jalal showed a gifts for both getting himself into and out of trouble and never totally fit in with those around him.

xxxxxShortly before his high school graduation an scam artist that he had run afoul of tried to kidnap him to then extort his parents for ransom. this attempt lead to Jalal's first change which was the primary reason it was unsuccessful. The aftermath though lead to a strain on his relationship with his family, naturally his parents started to grow more protective trying to shelter him, which was completely at odds with his long held desires to explore the world around him. He started to attend Northwestern but the proximity of his family started to feel too much like a cage and so he decided to move on. He departed on mostly good terms with his parents even if they still to this day do not understand why he felt the call to leave.


Jalal2.jpg Jalal3.jpg Jalal4.jpg

Jalal Petel
Date of Birth: None
Apparent Age: 20
Occupation: College Student / Urban Explorer
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride

Breed: Laughing Strangers
Species: Minjur
Accord: Wind-Dancer
Band: None Yet
Respect: Insight 2 Cleverness 1
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