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Jacob Grayson

"People like to say that the conflict is between good and evil. The real conflict is between truth and lies."
– Don Miguel Ruiz


It ain't where you're goin', but how you get there that matters. And sometimes, sometimes, it's about where you come from. Me, I was born and raised on a ranch in Texas. Spent most all my years raisin' horses and dreaming of being the one to ride in from the rising sun to save the day and then ride off into the sunset with the pretty girl riding behind me on my horse. He'd be a palomino, too. With a good name like Bullet or Charger or some bullshit like that.

And then I grew up and realized it ain't about horses and pretty girls and gunfights at high noon. Bein' a cowboy is about takin' care of your own. It's a way of being, not a thing to be. And just when you get that all figgered out, some sumbitch comes and bites your ass and you find out just how much bullshit all them old dreams were. People dreams. Human thoughts. And you do your best to shake free of it all, all them old dreams and habits, cause you're a goddam Wolf. Always was, just took some nudgin' to make it right.

Wolf, cowboy? Took a while to realize I didn't have to be one or the other. Found the right people, joined up with some of Red Wolf's folks. More my style. I like my people and as much as I love a good hunt and being out doors, it ain't where I really belong. This pack, they ran with some international company that hires out to help people. Good or bad, if the money's right, the job gets done. Me? I shoot things. It's what I was always good at and now? The senses I got just make me better. Full moon claimed me, made me a warrior. A soldier. A killer. It ain't the old fantasy I grew up with, but dammit, it'll do for now. No riding off into sunsets, but I like it.

Date of Birth: April 1, 1978
Apparent Age:   30
Occupation: Private Contractor
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Envy

Auspice:   Rahu
Tribe: Iron Masters
Lodge: Lodge of Arms
Pack: None

RP Hooks

Gun for hire: Need security? Are you part of the corporate security scene?
Werewolf: He is one, but not the typical growly face.
Texan: And damn proud of his Southern heritage!


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