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Isrieal Romanova


"And like the moon, she had a side of her so dark, that even the stars couldn't shine on it.
She had a side of her so cold, that even the sun couldn't burn on it."

Queen of Fear
Apparent Age:
White Hair/Blue Eyes
Played By:

Elena Vladi of Red Queen


Bogeyman, Snowskin, WireStreaked

The Scarecrow Ministry


Isrieal has been in Fallcoast for a few years now through ups and downs, hard times and caught up in bad influences. Though anyone can change and death opens new eyes. Fear is salvation and love is the one emotion she follows relentlessly. The one promise that can keep her within the mortal world and away from the evils that try and tempt all fae born back into.

She may not take kindly to enemies or those who harm the ones she cares for, but she strives to help others find their way, save them from the monsters that lurk in the dark, and to better humanity from deaths grasp. There is no lie when she calls herself the Queen of Fear, her bark is just as bad as her bites and she's said to have nerves of steel to go along with it.

Her mental fortitude is truly a task to penetrate. She has learned to control fear, to use it to help others and can steal it from others as well, enforcing bravery in its place. She may always have an inner struggle but as long as love can guide her she will cling to the clarity that she has.


Isrieal may come across as cold, calm, and ever in control. When in public at least. Generally, she is nice unless she has reasons not to be. She is always willing to offer aid and advice if needed. There are depths behind her icy eyes however, pools of sorrow and yet everlasting hope.

RP Hooks

Scarecrow Minister: Isrieal's main role is to help protect innocents from the things that go bump in the night. She has found ways to turn fear into great wards to use against the wicked and those who love to kill.
Mors' Dirige Kharon's Lucerna: She is a member of this Krewe, will have their back as they have hers. Loyalty.
Immortality: She's found her own means of achieving it.
Club Owner: She owns a fantasy club called Hypnotiq. Feel free to stop by! (C02)
Devotees: Ever since opening her club Izzy has amassed a following of people that seem to strangely adore her and linger around her.
White Witch: Some have claimed she is a witch whom blesses the good or curses the dark hearted.

Notable Stats
•••••(•)(•)(•••) +
•••• +
Striking Looks:
•• (Intimidating)
Striking Voice:
•• (Imperious)

Fae Stats
••••• (Autumn)
Striking Mien:
• (Fearful)
Goblin Aegis:
Fleeting Autumn:
Lost and Found:
Shade and Spirit:



This could be you.

The Mien

A nightmare touched version of herself. The Mien is the truth under the veil, and Isrieal's is nothing short of creepy. She has no eyes, but hollow voids that slowly trickle tears of blood down her cheeks. A presence of fear mixes with her strong autumn mantle that smells of smokey sweet grass and dried corn husks. A dead cornfield on a cold autumn night. Anything she wears in her mask in this form appears torn and frayed from behind, there is a hole that takes up the middle of her back. Empty and hollow, aside from the bones of her ribs that curve therein. Though there is a solemn, eerie beauty to her feminine frame something that lures one closer to his fate.

Wyrd Evolutions: Isrieal has adapted the wirestreaked kith due to working with science and technology. This manifests as blue LED lights at the tips of her left fingernails and thin black wires that twist their way along her left arm and plunge beneathe the skin of her shoulder.


Close to the Heart

  • Ish -"Do you believe how much I love you?"
  • Kilo - "My first and always best friend of Fallcoast."

Business Associates

  • Tempest -"Trusted Bouncer at Hypnotiq."
  • Angry -"Another valued Bouncer at Hypnotiq.."
  • Gio -"Thanks for the imports! We'll have the best alcohol in town."
  • Heywood -"A first success in seeing the creation of an immortal! And a valuable engineer at that."
  • Reiz -"Have fun with the club!"
  • Ryuhei -"I think Im curious to know more."
  • Dr. Townsend -"Psychologist. Am I even fixable?"

Fellow Lost

  • Erith -"It's nice having a girl to talk with! Let's hang more."
  • Wyck -"Interesting new face, likes airships."
  • Myles -"Something promising lurks here."
  • Stefan -"You have so much to learn..."
  • Vesna - "Willing to spring to action."


  • Lucy -"Seems quite kind and just as mysterious. Though I'm willing to help her anytime."
  • Seth -"Now your secrets are safe with me."
  • Lucky Boy -"I could use the Luck of the Irish."
  • Gigi -"Small and intriguing."
  • Rictus - "Loves fire and chaos."
  • Tristan -"You know I'm no good for you, you don't know my truth."
  • Russell -"A Blackwell. How intriguing you are. I'm not letting you slip away now."
  • Xyra -"Personal apprentice. Techy and innocent. I'll try not to diminish your light."
  • Nicole -"Thank you for allowing me another chance."
  • Frankie -"I meant it when I helped you out back there, but will I come to regret it?"


  • Phillipe -"I find it funny that you think you can hurt me. Be warned. I will not go easy against your threats again."