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Isobel Glas


The Known

Birth Name - Isobel Glas
DoB - 15th of March 1997
From - United Kingdom
Seems - The Ingenue...mostly
Personality - Varies
Family - Marcas Glas

The Beyond

Sphere - Psychic
Gift - The Departed
Other talents - Within the skin
Twilight Network - Fringes
Virtue - Mettle
Vice - Impetuousness


Isobel Glas is the youngest daughter of wealthy parents, both now dead. Her only surviving close family is her brother, Marcas Glas, over a decade older than her. Growing up, she attended a very prestigious and exclusive boarding school most of her life - a school meant to keep the less desirable children of the rich and wealthy out of sight and out of mind. Because Isobel was not **right** as a child, and required correction.

A medium who has never not seen the dead, it took a very long time for Isobel to find her current balance, managing to be only awkward around new people, instead of creepy. Despite her youthful misfortunes, she is almost effervescent, excited to be out in the world and ready to explore it.


K.Flay - It's Just Alot

I should have seen
The signs, clovers starting dying in the field
I shouldn't be
Surprised when all the sudden all of it is real
Oh, I tried to write a book but I misunderstood what I had seen and so the story made no sense
And stories all depend on whose perspective you prefer is it an I or is it her
And does it matter in the end

lovelytheband - broken

I like that you're broken
Broken like me
Maybe that makes me a fool
I like that you're lonely
Lonely like me
I could be lonely with you

8 Graves - Hang

The party never ends
And if I didn't hang with them
Who would be there to placate me, fool me with safety, and pour all that booze in my mouth

They think I'm a fool (My trust never falters)
I seem so confused (The rope's getting longer)
I can't stand the truth (So I play pretend)
Tighten up your noose
And I'll hang with my friends

Palaye Royale - Mr. Doctor Man

I can't see you breathe
They're coming after me
Honestly it's running through my veins you see
I don't need their surgeries
I just want to be
But they are coming after me


Dearly Departed - Isobel has a real connection to the dead. They're as real and there as people are to her. They also seem to be equal parts attracted to and averse to looking at her for long. Wonder why?

Every Hobby Ever - Like most people her age, she's "finding herself." Unlike most girls her age, this involves her changing hobbies and new interests practically weekly. Do you do a thing as a hobby? She will try it.

Pampered Rich Girl - Isobel is the kind of rich that doesn't even realize what not-rich is. It's not even a consideration for her: she knows her brother will get her just about anything she asks for.

Big Brother Is Best - Speaking of, Isobel's brother is kind, caring, charming, interesting, talented, funny, handsome, and otherwise the most perfect brother in existence. Huh? Hero worship? I'll google it later... Are you one of the many women he's friends with? One of those really polite guys who helps him with his business? Do you admire his musical genius? We can be fans together!

Casual Lore - Isobel has a lifetime of trying to figure out her particular talent and curse. She's picked up some other interesting tidbits here and there as well. The dead can be chatty sometime.


Marcas - Best Brother
Diona - Coolest assistant!! She's amazing!
Holland - Fallcoast friend? My first Fallcoast Friend!


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