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“Sometimes trying to know someone so well is not always good.”

– Uzoma Nnadi


xxxxxImogene Claeys is a student at St. Johns who claims to know Trudy, but did Trudy really know her before she finagled a job out of Rosalee as an off-hours bartender and server at Six Feet Under, the speakeasy owned by Gideon, Rosalee and Trudy? The world may never know. Imogene is an international woman of mystery. Some say she was born in a hot air balloon over Belgium. Others maintain that she is the bastard child of a water nymph and a mime. Only Imogene knows the truth, and she likely will never tell it. Her skin is pale and smooth like white satin. She wears her hair in a shiny black bob. Her eyes glisten like black diamonds. Her teeth are perfect. She's one of those skinny bitches that are so damned pretty you just want to slap the shit out of her. Her voice is like a soft whisper on the breeze from ruby lips. Don't bother asking her out on a date; she's out of your league.

  • Goal #1: Be the best off-hours bartender and server at Six Feet Under that Fallcrest has ever seen
  • Goal #2: Make you want to come back to Six Feet Under every chance you get
  • Goal #3: Ride bareback and sidesaddle on a Bengal tiger

Imogene Claeys
Date of Birth: April 1st
Apparent Age: 22
Occupation: Off-hours Bartender and Server at Six Feet Under
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Imogene has no vices. She just God damned perfect.

Roy Orbison - She's a Mystery to Me

Night falls I'm cast beneath her spell
Daylight comes our heaven turns to hell
Am I left to burn and burn eternally
She's a mystery to me
She's a Mystery Girl
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