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Name of Society




Society of Infinite Nobility


The Society of Infinite Nobility has existed for centuries, passing down the mystical secrets of how to switch from body to body, supporting its members.

Once upon a time, you absolutely had to have aristocratic blood in your veins to even be considered. Wealth was a bonus, but hardly an acquirement, the society was aware that wealth was something that could always be rebuilt, and in fact often helped provide its members with the tools to do just that. In more recent times, though, they have changed somewhat in this, and now accept the wealthy elite of North America and other parts of the world, if their family pedigree is good enough and goes back for enough generations... the nouveau riche need not apply.. It's something like a rather sinister Mayflower Club.

Benefits: Defining Merit: Willpower Drain Advantages: Body Thieves of this society can purchase Resources and Support Network at half the cost, to represent that A) this is a Society for which wealth is second nature and B) they band together and help one another out.. after all, this is about ensuring that "noble society" lives on, and who else will understand them?. Disadvantages: All members of the society follow the same ritual of transferance, and believe that they cannot enter a victim who has not first had their willpower drained. If this power is not first used upon the victim, nothing will happen, they remain stuck in their current body.