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Here are icons for general use on character pages and other things. These are mostly taken from the excellent (but now defunct) Wolf-Spoor Avatars site. The are licensed through Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0, like the rest of the wiki. There's a new wolf-spoor site here, but it's drawn in a custom style that doesn't fit with these.


World of Darkness.png Mortal.png Tales from the 13th Precinct.png Sun-snowflake.png Medic.png

Journo.jpg Movie.png TrailerLogo.png Aviator.png Military.png HighSoc.png Hippie.png Romani.png

SecondSight.png ThaumIcon.jpg Apostle.png Ceremonial.png HedgeWitch.png Shaman.png AlchemistLog.png Voudon.png


Possessed.png Greed.png

Changeling the lost.png Geist the sin-eaters.png Hunter the vigil.png Mage the awakening.png Vampire the requiem.png Werewolf the forsaken.png Immortal2.png

Changeling the lost2.png Geist the sin-eaters2.png Hunter the vigil2.png Mage the awakening2.png Vampire the requiem2.png Werewolf the forsaken2.png Immortal.png

Changing Breeds

Breed bastet.png Breed land titans.png Breed laughing strangers.png Breed royal apes.png Breed shadow breeds.png Breed spinner-kin.png Breed ursara.png Breed wind-runners.png Breed wing-folk.png SpeciesOlutakami.png

Spinnerkinicon.png Wingfolkicon.png Basteticon.png Laughinstrangersicon.png Thepackicon.png Ursaraicon.png Windrunnericon.png Shadowbreedsicon.png

Denwardenicon.png Heartrippericon.png Rootweavericon.png SunchaserIcon.png Winddancericon.png

Changeling: the Lost


Seeming beast.png Seeming darkling.png Seeming elemental.png Seeming fairest.png Seeming ogre.png Seeming wizened.png


Court autumn.png Court spring.png Court summer.png Court winter.png

Court dawn.png Court dusk.png

Court moon.png Court sun.png

Court courtless.png Court solstice.png

Court Crown

Court crown autumn.png Court crown spring.png Court crown summer.png Court crown winter.png

Court crown dawn.png Court crown dusk.png Court crown solstice.png


Entitlement Adjudicators Of The Wheel.png Entitlement ancient and accepted order of bridgemasons.png Entitlement barony of the lesser ones.png Entitlement bishopric of blackbirds.png Entitlement bodhisattvas of the broken cage.png Entitlement college of worms.png Entitlement duchy of the icebound heart.png Entitlement eternal echoes.png Entitlement guild of goldspinners.png Entitlement guild of the sacred journey.png Entitlement Hedge Wardens.png Entitlement the hound tribunal.png Entitlement knights of the knowledge of the tongue.png Entitlement KOOS.png Entitlement legates of the black apple.png Entitlement lord sages of the unknown reaches.png Entitlement lost pantheon.png Entitlement magi of the gilded thorn.png Entitlement magistrates of the wax mask.png Entitlement margravate of the brim.png Entitlement Order of the Oneirophysics.png Entitlement pilgrims of the endless road.png Entitlement sacred band of the golden standard.png Entitlement satrapy of pearls.png Entitlement scarecrow ministry.png Entitlement squires of the broken bough.png Entitlement tolltaker knighthood.png Entitlement The Twilight Gleaners.png Everliving Icon.png

Geist: the Sin-Eaters

Threshold forgotten.png Threshold prey.png Threshold silent.png Threshold stricken.png Threshold torn.png

Hunter: the Vigil


Compact ahl al-jabal.png Compact ashwood abbey.png Compact barrett commission.png Compact long night.png Compact loyalists of thule.png Compact maidens blood sisterhood.png Compact network zero.png Compact night watch.png Compact null mysteriis.png Compact union.png


Conspiracy aegis kai doru.png Conspiracy ascending ones.png Conspiracy cainite heresy.png Conspiracy cheiron group.png Conspiracy lucifuge.png Conspiracy malleus malificarum.png Conspiracy st adrian.png Conspiracy task force valkyrie.png LesMysteres mark.png

Mage: the Awakening

Mage the awakening rune seers of the throne.png Mage the awakening seers of the throne.png


Path acanthus.png Path mastigos.png Path moros.png Path obrimos.png Path thyrsus.png

Path rune acanthus.png Path rune mastigos.png Path rune moros.png Path rune obrimos.png Path rune thyrsus.png


Arcanum death.png Arcanum fate.png Arcanum forces.png Arcanum life.png Arcanum matter.png Arcanum mind.png Arcanum prime.png Arcanum space.png Arcanum spirit.png Arcanum time.png


Order adamantine arrow.png Order free council.png Order guardians of the veil.png Order mysterium.png Order silver ladder.png

Order rune adamantine arrow.png Order rune free council.png Order rune guardians of the veil.png Order rune mysterium.png Order rune silver ladder.png


Legacy acanthus daoine.png Legacy acanthus house of ariadne.png Legacy acanthus pygmalian society.png Legacy acanthus walkers in mists.png Legacy adamantine arrow perfected adepts.png Legacy free council uncrowned kings.png Legacy guardians of the veil subtle ones.png Guardians of the veil keepers of the covenant.png Guardians of the veil bearers of the eternal voice.png Legacy mastigos clavicularius.png Legacy mastigos fangs of mara.png Legacy mastigos subtle ones.png Legacy mastigos threnodists.png Legacy moros cult of the doomsday clock.png Legacy moros stone scribes.png Legacy moros tremere lich.png Legacy moros uncrowned kings.png Legacy mysterium daksha.png Legacy mysterium stone scribes.png Legacy mysterium walkers in mists.png Legacy obrimos adamantine arrow perfected adepts.png Legacy obrimos daksha.png Legacy obrimos transhuman engineers.png Legacy scelesti.png Legacy silver ladder clavicularius.png Legacy silver ladder scions of god.png Legacy thyrsus fallen pillar.png Legacy thyrsus orphans of proteus.png Legacy thyrsus sodality of the tor.png

Vampire: the Requiem


Clan daeva.png Clan gangrel.png Clan mekhet.png Clan nosferatu.png Clan ventrue.png

Clan icon daeva.png Clan icon gangrel.png Clan icon mekhet.png Clan icon nosferatu.png Clan icon ventrue.png


Covenant carthian movement.png Covenant circle of the crone.png Covenant invictus.png Covenant lancea sanctum.png Covenant ordo dracul.png

Covenant unaligned.png Covenant belials brood.png

Carthian Movement

Covenant carthian movement anti-obstructionist army.png Covenant carthian movement bodhisatcracy.png Covenant carthian movement carthian atheists.png Covenant carthian movement collectivists.png Covenant carthian movement individualists.png Covenant carthian movement middle of the road.png Covenant carthian movement oppositionists.png Covenant carthian movement paranormal phenomena investigations.png Covenant carthian movement sabotage artists.png

Ordo Dracul

Covenant ordo dracul sworn of the axe.png Covenant ordo dracul sworn of the dying light.png Covenant ordo dracul sworn of the mysteries.png



Bloodline daeva amara havana.png Bloodline daeva anvari.png Bloodline daeva asnam.png Bloodline daeva california xiao.png Bloodline daeva children of judas.png Bloodline daeva duchagne.png Bloodline daeva en.png Bloodline daeva erzsebet.png Bloodline daeva gulikan.png Bloodline daeva kallisti.png Bloodline daeva kinnaree.png Bloodline daeva mortifiers of the flesh.png Bloodline daeva nelapsi.png Bloodline daeva septimi.png Bloodline daeva spina.png Bloodline daeva the carnival.png Bloodline daeva tianpan xiao.png Bloodline daeva toreador.png Bloodline daeva zelani.png


Bloodline gangrel annunaku.png Bloodline gangrel barjot.png Bloodline gangrel bohagande.png Bloodline gangrel bruja.png Bloodline gangrel carnon.png Bloodline gangrel childer of the morrigan.png Bloodline gangrel dead wolves.png Bloodline gangrel hounds of actaeon.png Bloodline gangrel les gens libres.png Bloodline gangrel mabry.png Bloodline gangrel mara.png Bloodline gangrel moroi.png Bloodline gangrel mystikol.png Bloodline gangrel oberlochs.png Bloodline gangrel shepherd.png Bloodline gangrel sta-au.png Bloodline gangrel taifa.png Bloodline gangrel vedma.png


Bloodline mekhet agonistes.png Bloodline mekhet alucinor.png Bloodline mekhet bak-ra.png Bloodline mekhet brothers of ypres.png Bloodline mekhet iltani.png Bloodline mekhet khaibit.png Bloodline mekhet kuufukuji.png Bloodline mekhet libitinarius.png Bloodline mekhet lynx.png Bloodline mekhet mnemosyne.png Bloodline mekhet morbus.png Bloodline mekhet norvegi.png Bloodline mekhet osites.png Bloodline mekhet philologi.png Bloodline mekhet players.png Bloodline mekhet qedeshah.png Bloodline mekhet sangiovanni.png Bloodline mekhet sta-au.png Bloodline mekhet tismanu.png


Bloodline nosferatu adroanzi.png Bloodline nosferatu azerkatil.png Bloodline nosferatu baddacelli.png Bloodline nosferatu burakumin.png Bloodline nosferatu caporetti.png Bloodline nosferatu cockscomb.png Bloodline nosferatu galloi.png Bloodline nosferatu gethsemani.png Bloodline nosferatu lygos.png Bloodline nosferatu mayarap.png Bloodline nosferatu moroi.png Bloodline nosferatu morotrophians.png Bloodline nosferatu noctuku.png Bloodline nosferatu order of sir martin.png Bloodline nosferatu rakshasa.png Bloodline nosferatu usiri.png Bloodline nosferatu yagnatia.png


Bloodline ventrue adrestoi.png Bloodline ventrue apollinaire.png Bloodline ventrue architects of the monolith.png Bloodline ventrue bron.png Bloodline ventrue canda bhanu.png Bloodline ventrue corajoso.png Bloodline ventrue deucalion.png Bloodline ventrue dragolescu.png Bloodline ventrue geheim.png Bloodline ventrue gorgons.png Bloodline ventrue icarians.png Bloodline ventrue macellarius.png Bloodline ventrue malkovians.png Bloodline ventrue malocusians.png Bloodline ventrue melissidae.png Bloodline ventrue nahualli.png Bloodline ventrue rotgrafen.png Bloodline ventrue sotoha.png

By Covenant

Carthian Movement

Bloodline carthian movement barjot.png Bloodline carthian movement deucalion.png Bloodline carthian movement zelani.png

Circle of the Crone

Bloodline circle of the crone ansam.png Bloodline circle of the crone carnon.png Bloodline circle of the crone childer of the morrigan.png Bloodline circle of the crone gorgons.png Bloodline circle of the crone mara.png


Bloodline invictus annunaku.png Bloodline invictus kallisti.png Bloodline invictus lynx.png Bloodline invictus malocusians.png Bloodline invictus sotoha.png Bloodline invictus spina.png

Lancea Sanctum

Bloodline lancea sanctum icarians.png Bloodline lancea sanctum mortifiers of the flesh.png Bloodline lancea sanctum osites.png

Ordo Dracul

Bloodline ordo dracul azerkatil.png Bloodline ordo dracul dragolescu.png Bloodline ordo dracul libitinarius.png Bloodline ordo dracul moroi.png Bloodline ordo dracul tismanu.png Bloodline ordo dracul vedma.png

Ghoul family

Ghoul family daeva children of nirriti.png Ghoul family invictus bulls.png Ghoul family invictus hostewicks.png Ghoul family mekhet angustri.png Ghoul family nosferatu gravenor.png Ghoul family ventrue alley men.png Ghoul family ventrue crassus.png


VII.png VII akhud.png VII betrayed.png VII sleepers.png

Werewolf: the Forsaken


Auspice cahalith.png Auspice elodoth.png Auspice irraka.png Auspice ithaeur.png Auspice rahu.png


Tribe ghost wolves.png Tribe glyph ghost wolves.png


Tribe blood talons.png Tribe bone shadows.png Tribe hunters in darkness.png Tribe iron masters.png Tribe storm lords.png Wolfblooded.png

Tribe glyph blood talons.png Tribe glyph bone shadows.png Tribe glyph hunters in darkness.png Tribe glyph iron masters.png Tribe glyph storm lords.png


Tribe pure fire touched.png Tribe pure ivory claws.png Tribe pure predator kings.png



Lodge brotherhood of the crossed swords.png Lodge eiwaz mot.png Lodge of 66.png Lodge of arkadia.png Lodge of echoes.png Lodge of howling death.png Lodge of ilia.png Lodge of kletby.png Lodge of london.png Lodge of mammon.png Lodge of mania.png Lodge of praetors.png Lodge of quetzal.png Lodge of scars.png Lodge of scavengers.png Lodge of songkran.png Lodge of the black woods.png Lodge of the crossroads.png Lodge of the endless moon.png Lodge of the fallen idol.png Lodge of the feast.png Lodge of the firestick.png Lodge of the grotto.png Lodge of the lake.png Lodge of the lost.png Lodge of the modernist.png Lodge of the red sands.png Lodge of the savior.png Lodge of the storms eye.png Lodge of the thin shadow.png Lodge of the union.png Lodge of the willow branch.png Lodge of unity.png Lodge valkyrja mot.png

Blood Talons

Lodge blood talons lodge of cerberus.png Lodge blood talons lodge of garm.png Lodge blood talons lodge of night.png Lodge blood talons lodge of swords.png Lodge blood talons lodge of the rose.png Lodge blood talons lodge of wendigo.png

Bone Shadows

Lodge bone shadows lodge of death.png Lodge bone shadows lodge of doors.png Lodge bone shadows lodge of harbingers.png Lodge bone shadows lodge of prophecy.png Lodge bone shadows lodge of the hungry ghosts.png Lodge bone shadows lodge of voices.png

Hunters in Darkness

Lodge hunters in darkness brotherhood of eshus cap.png Lodge hunters in darkness lodge of ashes.png Lodge hunters in darkness lodge of harmony.png Lodge hunters in darkness lodge of ruin.png Lodge hunters in darkness lodge of seasons.png Lodge hunters in darkness lodge of the empty den.png

Lodge hunters in darkness lodge of wrath.png

Iron Masters

Lodge iron masters lodge of arms.png Lodge iron masters lodge of lightning.png Lodge iron masters lodge of metal.png Lodge iron masters lodge of scrolls.png Lodge iron masters lodge of stones.png LodgeOfWiresIcon.png

Storm Lords

Lodge storm lords kshatriyas.png Lodge storm lords lodge of crows.png Lodge storm lords lodge of salvation.png Lodge storm lords lodge of the maelstrom.png Lodge storm lords lodge of thunder.png Lodge storm lords lodge of winter.png


Lodge pure cult of bones.png Lodge pure lodge of fevered light.png


Lodge fire-touched lodge of absolution.png Lodge fire-touched lodge of plague.png

Ivory Claws

Lodge ivory claws blood of kings.png Lodge ivory claws council of eagles.png

Predator Kings

Lodge predator kings lodge of kins blood.png Lodge predator kings lodge of nights fear.png Lodge predator kings lodge of vermins shadow.png


Shapechanger baal hadad.png Shapechanger brineborn.png Shapechanger colony.png Shapechanger distant ones.png Shapechanger unclean.png

Shapechanger glyph baal-hadad.png Shapechanger glyph brineborn.png Shapechanger glyph colony.png Shapechanger glyph distant ones.png Shapechanger glyph unclean.png