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Ianthe's mother committed suicide before she was old enough to have formed memories of her. Instead, her only experience with her parents has always been in the visitation room where her father is being held in prison. Still, she doesn't seem to bear any shame over her father's involvement with organized crime or the fact that daddy wants to buy her love. She and her sister grew up with another Cavanaugh relative who tried to raise them. Both, wildly independent spirits, did their best, it seemed, to make that task difficult in different ways. Where Erin rebelled and ran away, Ianthe was demanding for attention and indulgence -- from endless lessons in art, dance, music, to the need for the latest fashions and to attend all the social events. Her father's only demand was that she get a degree, though he wasn't specific as to what. Fine Art probably wasn't what he had in mind, but since she's at least doing as asked -- he indulges her in that too.

  • She is a member of the Cavanaugh Family and younger sister to Erin Cavanaugh who grew up locally.
  • She is a freshman at St. John's University studying Fine Art.
  • She is a photographer, a budding talent that shows promise in her field.
  • A social butterfly, she seems to fit in wherever she goes.

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Full Name: Ianthe Cavanaugh
Played By: Emilie Rye
Date of Birth: February 15, 1999
Occupation: Student
St. John's University
Fine Arts: Photography
Family: Cavanaugh Family
Virtue: Courage
Vice: Lust
Template: Mortal