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High Society


Society, civilised society at least, is never very ready to believe anything to the detriment of those who are both rich and fascinating. It feels instinctively that manners are of more importance than morals, and, in its opinion, the highest respectability is of much less value than the possession of a good chef.

–The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde

Active High Society Characters

High Society

xxxxxLike any other city, Fallcoast has its haves and its have-nots. This page is for the haves, or at least the haves with Status (High Society). If they're out there and might know each other, they ought to be on this page. This is also a place to note relevant locations/hangouts, as well as any ongoing plots that might affect the people listed here.



xxxxxHigh Society in Fallcoast is traditionally very old New England and very WASP but when a city reaches a certain size, along with the money to go with it, the nouveau riche start to think they belong as well. Money is something but it is not everything, and while money may get you in the door, manners and class are what matter in the long run.


The current local High Society hangouts include the Hyacinth Ridge Country Club and the Lion's Den.

High Society Code of Conduct

These rules represent the general benchmark on which the behavior of characters with High Society status is judged. The code of conduct is a list of commonly accepted rules known to members of High Society through word of mouth and worked into the charters of local country clubs and private members groups of the affluent.

Act respectfully towards others

In outward manner, members of high society are expected to act respectfully and pleasantly towards one another. However, the nuance to this is that one is also expected also to avoid social faux pas, such as: telling boring stories, not knowing when to leave, speaking abrupt contradictions, and having an unpleasing voice and manner.

"Observe carefully what pleases or displeases you in others, and be persuaded that, in general, the same things will please or displease them in you." – Lord Chesterfield

Practice appropriate grooming and attire

The standards of dress for those in high society are higher than for more common folk. One is expected to dress appropriately for every occasion, but even for casual occasions, attire should be in good repair, good quality and coordinate well. One should be classic, if not fashionable.

“The French have a proverb, “It is not the cowl which makes the monk,” and it might be said with equal truth, “It is not the dress which makes the gentleman,” yet, as the monk is known abroad by his cowl, so the true gentleman will let the refinement of his mind and education be seen in his dress.” -The Gentlemen's Book of Etiquette by Cecil B. Hartley, Chapter 7

Do not allow yourself to be drawn into argument

Members of high society are expected to maintain the appearance of civility and grace. As such, the unpleasantness of arguments, let alone brawls, is frowned upon. Of course, in reality this absence of disagreements is simply a veneer. The most skillful of socialites can convey displeasure in barely a word or gesture – and just because someone’s displeasure goes unspoken, it does not mean it will not be conveyed privately at a later date in the form of a status vote.

“When in society it would often be exceedingly difficult to decide how to treat those who are personally disagreeable to us, if it were not for the rules of politeness, and the little formalities and points of etiquette which these rules enforce. These evidences of polite breeding do not prove hypocrisy, as you may treat your most bitter enemy with perfect courtesy, and yet make no protestations of friendship.” -The Gentlemen's Book of Etiquette by Cecil B. Hartley, Chapter 2

Use polite language

In modern day, expletives are more common-place in regular language. However, in general, rough language is frowned-upon. People may turn a blind eye if profane language is used at a late-night drinking party at a club, but if one is consistently seen swearing at a society charity event or a golf tournament, then prepare for a decline in reputation.

“Profanity is the last and most inexcusable sin committed against good manners and propriety. The man who will deliberately use profane language in the drawing-room, or before women and children, or aged men, should be considered without the pale of good society.” - Social Life or, The Manners and Customs of Polite Society by Maud C Cooke

High Society Status

To engage in High Society is to enter into a popularity contest open only to the wealthy and socially astute. In order to climb in status, one must make friends with the powerful and form cliques to protect oneself from scandal.

  • Each character may use a number of status actions up to their status score per calendar month, eg. at Status 1, you can make 1 action each month.
  • Status gain/loss must be in-order (you cannot skip from 1 to 3, for example) and no faster than one status level per month.

Status 1: Nouveau Riche and On the List

Status 1 characters are tolerated at High Society events and are accorded this privilege mainly by the grace of one thing: Money. Characters at this level tend to be wealthy more than well-mannered but they are also not social oafs. They do not attend many formal social events yet they still feel they are entitled too. These characters may also be previously affluent members reduced in status due to scandal or the next generation of old money who still have to prove themselves.

The prerequisites for this level represent the bare minimum for entry to High Society: In order to obtain Status 1, you must +req/City with a brief reason why your character would be accepted in High Society. Your character must also have Resources 4+ (dots in Luxury can contribute to your Resources requirement) and Socialize 1+

Status 2: Socialite

Status 2 characters are not only wealthy and well-mannered, but are regulars at society parties. They know and follow trends and the nuances of relationships in High Society circles. At this level, characters have begun to build their reputation and will likely start being associated with a clique. This is the status of most members of High Society.

In order to be elevated to Status 2, you must +req/City with a link to two logs interacting with other High Society Status 1 members or higher in either Public scenes/areas, High Society hangouts like the Hyacinth Ridge Country Club and The Lion's Den, or at +events run by a High Society Tier. These logs should not have been used in previous High Society Status +requests.

Becoming more in line with how polite society acts also requires Socialize of 3+. It is no longer enough just to have money, it is now time to have manners that match.

Status 3: A-List

Status 3 characters are known to everyone in High Society circles in Fallcoast. They are well-established in their cliques and are expected to command impeccable manners and taste.

In order to be elevated to Status 3, you must +req/City with a link to two logs interacting with other High Society Status 1 members or higher in either Public scenes/areas, High Society hangouts like the Hyacinth Ridge Country Club and The Lion's Den, or at +events run by a High Society Tier. These logs should not have been used in previous High Society Status +requests. Once your +req is received, this will initiate a vote of all High Society Faction members with Status 1 or higher.

Status 4: Taste Maker

Status 4 characters are known to everyone in High Society circles in New England. They not only command the respect of their clique, but are also regularly invited to soirees in the region.

In order to be elevated to Status 4, you must +req/City with a link to two logs interacting with other High Society Status 1 members or higher in either Public scenes/areas, High Society hangouts like the Hyacinth Ridge Country Club and The Lion's Den, or at +events run by a High Society Tier. These logs should not have been used in previous High Society Status +requests. Once your +req is received, this will initiate a vote of all High Society Faction members with Status 1 or higher.

In addition, those at this level must possess one of: Fame 3 OR Allies or Status 3 or higher in a group covered by +City (eg. Fallcoast City Hall politicians, FPD Hospital Administrators).

Status 5: Luminary

There are generally only ever a handful of status 5 members of High Society in Fallcoast at a time. This member has reached the pinnacle of social status and power in the county and is known in High Society circles beyond that of New England.

In order to advance to this level of status, one must be nominated by two Status 4+ members of High Society via +request. Once this +request is received, the candidate must win a +vote in which the two that made the nomination cannot participate.


Status points can be used to initiate Status increase votes (1 point per initiation) or initiate a Scandal which reduces Status (2 points per Scandal initiation).

Status increases can be initiated for any PC but a PC can only be up for an increase once per calendar month or decrease once per two calendar months. You do not have to use all your actions per month but any unused cannot be carried over to the next month.


Any character with Status (High Society) has the ability to nominate a target for a status drop via +req/city. Initiating a Scandal is a Status action and depletes your monthly allowance by 2. It cannot be done anonymously. You may pool status points to initiate a Scandal, eg. two Status 1 members can spend one action each. The +request should include a paragraph on why the target character should undergo a status drop. The reason for the scandal must be based on the High Society Code of Conduct.

Once this +request is received, the action must be supported by a majority +vote of all current High Society PCs.

The target of a Scandal can only be targeted once every two months, whether the action is successful or not.

While a character can be knocked down to Status 1 with a vote, they cannot go below Status 1 -- and can apply to go back to Status 2 in the next calendar month with the submission of two High Society logs, as described under Status 2: Socialite.

The Vote

Each vote is weighted based on Status, for example a Status 3 vote is scored the equivalent of three Status 1 votes. The voter will read over the information provided by the candidate in the +request, and either back the request, or decline to back the request.

The vote will remain open for 7 days, and at the end of 7 days, if the votes to back the status increase is (weighted) more than half of the possible weighted High Society votes, then the increase is granted. Once the vote has been decided, a period of 30 days will elapse before the candidate can +request another vote.

All characters with High Society status are allowed to vote in any Scandal or Status Increase. They do not have to initiate it to take part. A resolution passes with a majority weighted vote of all High Society PCs. So if there are 10 votes in total possible for High Society (adding up the Status of all relevant active PCs) then 6 (weighted total) are required to pass the resolution.

There must be at least three High Society PCs active before any voting on increase/decrease of Status can be initiated.


We are looking for more Tiered characters for High Society. If interested, please let Staff know.

Calliope - I'd be interested in doing any HS tier scenes that are requested. I also don't mind running mortal stuff. I can run other things with a bit of help.


xxxxxPlease take a moment to note where your characters tend to be, what kind of connections they have, and what other people with high society connections might know about them.

  • Calliope can most frequently be found either at the Hyacinth Ridge Country Club or at her Nonprofit, Calliope Fund. It's an ill concealed secret that she writes under the pen name of Calliope Roi and that she is working on a 6+ book fiction series that started with 'Hope of God'. Anyone with ties to LA Society may recognize her as Naila King, daughter of the Hotel Magnate, Winston King.
  • Merek Black is a member who has titles that have been inherited, who can be found often at most places around Fallcoast. He tends to have eccentric interests, which means that it is possible to find him almost in any venue.
  • Ambroise Dubois comes from a well-to-do Acadian family that made their initial fortune investing in Pearl Street Station in the later 19th century. While not as wealthy or as prominent as the Cavanaughs the Dubois family can trace its ancestry to the original Acadian settlers who were relocated to Maine in 1755 during the Great Expulsion and past, back to France. Despite his family's money he maintains a regular job working at St. John's University as a professor of medieval European history after earning his doctorate from Yale. Additionally he is the owner of Ville Corbeau, a living history museum recreation of what an early 14th century provincial village in the Languedoc region of France would have been like as well as host of Fire and Steel, a series on the History Channel that examines various aspects of life in the middle ages.