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“ Only the dreamer shall understand realities, though in truth his dreaming must be not out of proportion to his waking.”

– Margaret Fuller


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RP Hooks
  • Cop - He's gone K9, and is the handler for a German Shepherd named Peach. Good girl, Peach.
  • Marine - Once a Marine, always a Marine, the saying goes. He got out of the Corps officially a few years ago. He served in Iraq and Afghanistan, with Recon and as a sniper.
  • Outdoor Hobbies - He's immensely fond of the great outdoors, hunting when it's the season, kayaking, hiking, and taking photos when it isn't.
  • Surfing/Board Crafting - He's a passionate surfer, nevermind that this is New England. He's also a skilled crafter of custom boards. Got more money than sense and love surfing? He can hook you up.
  • Departmental Rumor: Spook - Henry asserts that before he joined the FPD, he was a Marine. But there are persistent rumors that he was part of some other government agency, one of the darker members of the alphabet soup assortment....though no one seems to be certain which: CIA, NSA, or something else.


  • Ex-Hunter - Once upon a time, he was an op with Task Force: Valkyrie. He worked for them all over the world. Supposedly had all those nasty memories wiped away and retired. But then there was Ira. Goddammit, Ira.
  • Psychic - A novice telekine, getting used to new abilities.
  • Whispers and Dream - He has visions, and dreams true dreams.
  • Sleepwalker - He's caught a glimpse of the Watchtower and begun to Believe.
  • Ira - I should be angry at you, for dragging me back in. But it's okay.
  • Johannes - Tony Stark
  • Nikolai - Well, all right then, Hellboy.
  • Pavel - A dark horse, in more than one sense of the phrase.

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Webbhateschess.jpg Webbgnomerifle.jpg Webbgnomerpg.jpg Webbgnomemonster.jpg Webbsubtlety.jpg Webbpeach.jpg Webbpeachswear.jpg

Henry Webb
Date of Birth:
November 1, 1981
Apparent Age: Early thirties
Occupation: Cop - Patrol
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Wrath

Clan: Jarhead
Order: Fraternal Order Of Police
Path: Obralmost
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