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Date of Birth: 18th century
Birthplace: Prussia
Apparent Age: Late 40's

Clan gangrel.pngCovenant circle of the crone.pngBloodline circle of the crone childer of the morrigan.png

Sphere: Vampire
Clan: Gangrel
Bloodline: Childer of the Morrigan
Covenant: Circle of the Crone

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xxxxxYou could find out...
  • Bloodsucker: Heinrich is, obviously to some, a vampire. A fairly old one. Some may have heard of his name or of him being refered to as 'The old Nomad Crow'. He's moved around from Praxis to Praxis all over the US, never staying much longer than a few years in one place.
  • Crone: It's no secret he's a member of the Circle of the Crone. He just arrived and already claims the title of Berserker.
  • Gangrel: He tries to have some class, some charm. Mostly, he's somewhat of a stereotype. Likes the woods. Doesn't care much for his clothing. Dogpiles. Sniffs and grunts. Is fairly violent when he needs to be.
  • Childer of the Morrigan: Unlike many vampires, he proudly announces his Bloodline at every opportunity. Counted among one of the oldest Bloodlines, it may be a badge of some and a forgotten glory by others. Also, it makes him sadface a lot.
  • Birdman: Do you enjoy some birdwathing? Heinrich does too. Sadly, he can only do so at night. He even reads books about them!
xxxxxIf asked about...
The Maiden - My dearest friend and compagnion. Don't mess with her too much or you'll answer to me.
The Vala - She's the motherly type. Very alluring. Someone I can trust.
The Hierophant - Good at everything he sets his mind to. The kind of man who makes waves where ever he goes.
Ryuhei's Girl #2 - Painfully young and innocent. Wants to be some kind of blacksmith?
The Mermaid - There's many a tale of Sirens leading unsuspecting men to their grave under the deep. Perhaps she's one of them.
The Whip - The busiest bee of them all. Good Gangrel.
xxxxxLet me tell you a story...
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