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Hector "The Specter" Vela

Hector Vela is a thing that should not be. He's lingered at deaths door more than once and always because of his own horrible choices.

Born and raised in south Texas, Hector is the product of a terrible environment. It nurtured the worst in him and created the strange result that somehow still lives to this day. He's had troubles with the law, he's done some bad things... Hell, he's done some good things too but the scales don't even notice that when the weights are dropped.

All said and done, he's a zealot among the Urugarum. Offering the chance at a new fur coat in exchange for broken limbs and lost teeth. He's caused the First Change of multiple Wolfbloods but he's also completely wrecked others for no result. The People don't know what to make of him. In the end, he's generally seen as a loose cannon. One best pointed at something to keep him occupied. Otherwise he tends to revert back to his own questionable habits.

RP Hooks
  • Blood of the Wolf - The blood of Skolis-Ur runs through this veins. Hector is proud of his heritage. Maybe too proud. Are you a Storm Lord?
  • The Gift - Hector thinks that the Change is the ultimate gift. He seeks to force fates hand and obtain his First Change through any and all means available. Want to help him on his path?
  • Blood of Others - Only through tribulation can true Change occur. Hector has taken this to extremes in cities across the Southwest. Savagely assaulting Wolf Blooded to force their First Change. It's worked four times now. Do you seek the treasure?
  • Deaths Door - Given his penchant for being the first face a newly changed Werewolf sees, Hector has almost died a few times. The scars both physical, mental and spiritual are hard to miss. Have you damn near killed him?

The Pack

The People

Everyone Else

  • Yeah, even more stuff.


Full Name: Hector Vela
Apparent Age: Late 20's?
Occupation: Hired Thug
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath
Template: Wolfblood
Tribe: Storm Lords
Pack: Vanguard of Luna

Slipknot - Custer

Irreverence is my disease
It's second hand but you know me
The son of a bitch is on his knees
The last man standing gets no pity

Avatar - Let It Burn

You feel a sudden pain
The night turns bright as day
This shit is going straight
Out of your mind
You start to feel afraid
It is the price you pay
To get the thrill
You need to stay alive

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