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Heather Wagner

Age: 20
Apparent Age: Late teens/Early Twenties.
Occupation: Co-ed/Scuba guide.
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Wrath

Sphere: Werewolf
Type: Wolfblooded 5
Piercing Eyes Clever Fingers Tongues

The Wolfblooded: Heather has been in the loop from a young age on her mother's heritage, it didn't take long for them to learn she is her mother's daughter.

The Hedge Magic: She learned it from her mother. Bits and pieces passed through the women on her mom's side in Norway.

The School: She's studying marine biology with an aim to be a park ranger along the coastlines of Maine.

The Scuba: Everyone has a hobby, Heather's hobby is Scuba Diving.

The Songs: A playlist for Heather https://open.spotify.com/user/12173564864/playlist/3pMaEiKbilg4D2Ey5lk8cq?si=oqg2WHZSSZeByMmuPJI1Fg



  • Henry Cavanaugh - One of the first I met. I can easily say the meeting was a memorable one.
  • Lark - Said she could help me learn more, I am always open to new and magical things.
  • Nimai - The only person in town scared of me. Rawr!
  • Chris Michaels - Really nice so far. Certainly not how I expected.
  • Linette - The calm anchor in the tempest of people around her. I am starting to like her.
  • Mackenzie Barron-Skinner - If anyone makes her cry, I'll learn to shoot special. Just for her.
  • Jermaine - So very nice. A wonderful host and patient with all the fuss and stuff.
  • Jack - He brings out the best in me. No one sings so sweet or makes me feel so much like part of a whole.


  • David Ravenwood - Friend, boss, more? I am certainly in over my head.
  • Nikki - I'm grateful she can fix that part so quickly for me.
  • Madison - A total flirt. I don't know how I feel about him, but if he's paying for a tour he can stare all he likes.


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