Heart of Darkness

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Heart of Darkness (* to ***** merit)

Prereq: Morality 5 or less and at least ten total Vice dots

The Possessed has become far more than just a simple victim of demonic exploitation - at this level of power and moral decay, they risk becoming less of a human with a demon trapped inside them, and more approximate to a truly demonic creature with moments of human weakness. Perhaps the demon has gained ascendance over its host, or they have formed a truly symbiotic relationship whether neither can survive without the other.

Each dot in this merit increases your Primary Vice for the purposes of resisting supernatural powers, and +1 dice for Social interactions with Demons. However, the side effects of being suffused with such infernal energies are truly hideous: The Possessed takes extra automatic Lethal damage, equal to the dots in his highest Vice, on top of the normal 3 Lethal damage suffered for failing a Burnout Roll.