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“The problem with writing the pieces that I do is a lot like the problem of death: I can’t let it interfere with the pleasures of the present.”

– Harvie Truelove


xxxxxHarvie is new in town, a tabloid journalist working remotely out of Portland. You can see her byline in The Maine Inquirer, a weekly supermarket Tabloid which pays sources for tips, and has a history of story retractions due to ‘fabrications’ from ‘sources’. The bulk of the publication features spreads on celebrities and national current events, but true to its name, it also has a section devoted to celebrities and events centered around Maine, as well as a crime spotlight called 10-31, police code for ‘Crime in Progress’. A new section has been added in recent months which contains more occult/supernatural fodder.

RP Hooks
  • Tabloid Journalist: She's tasked with finding articles for a new occult section of the Maine Inquirer; care to give her an interview about your most recent brush with the occult? (Bigfoot sightings welcome.)
  • Running: She's a runner, and participates in marathons. Running is her outlet.
  • Bangor: It's where she was born and raised, were you classmates? She also attended the University of Maine and graduated with a BA in Journalism, maybe you were in the same sorority house? Old coworker? Lover? Friend?
  • Portland: This is where her estranged husband, the editor for the Maine Inquirer resides - along with all her old friends and coworkers.
  • Mortal: She's as mortal as the day is long, and doesn't believe a lick of what she writes about the occult.

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Harvie Amelia Truelove
Date of Birth: 29 February, 1984
Apparent Age: 31
Occupation: Tabloid Journalist
Wannabe True Crime Author
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust

Template: Mortal
Marital Status: Estranged
No logs have been posted yet.