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Night Sun Tales: Haley

xxxxxSo, if I go really far back, I can remember watching NASCAR while mom and dad, class acts they were, flung shit at each other. Fucking awesome to know as a kid your dad needs two fingers to get himself going and mom has such an ugly c-section scar she got kicked out the sunday shift at the local titty bar. Laughed my ass off. Oh yeah, and grampa was a satanist. I told you that shit already, no? Yeah! Good old gramps always had the best stories about getting cozy with the devil, and his followers were just the best babysitters. 10/10 would sacrifice a goat again.

xxxxxMaybe it was all the dark clothes and blood rituals, but I felt the call of getting the fuck out soon. Got to that right away, and set dad's trailer on fire because I was feeling metal. On the road I kind of learned a few things. One was that the shit you are exposed to as a kid really sticks, like, in the back of your head and you need outlets to handle that shit. The other was that I didn't take kindly to people trying to take advantage of me. That got pretty murdery fast, but eh, the first one is on the house, right? Just another bonus of the Change, that feeling of being a disgusting monster from Hell, pondering suicide, all that shit, all the while you feel like you are on E all the time.

xxxxxAs these things happen, though, I wasn't in a Dr. Banner sort of mood for too long. Some fucking badass hereby to be referred as Kai Thunderblade found me, and we did some awesome training montages together. Like, really, all that Shidoshi Tanaka shit? I had it. I can grab a fish blindfolded. Don't believe me? Well, that's rude! Anyway, he is the guy who turned me into this slice of amaze now high as kite in front of thee. He taught me all I know and when all was said and done? The handed me the keys to the kingdom, the Night Sun pack. Had this awesome speech of his time coming to pass and, I shit you not, this actually happened: he literally walked into the sunset with his duffel bag and thundersword. Lonely tear oh my god. That is a man, dude!

xxxxxThis is where I am now. Night Sun pack, roaming the country, always looking for the next place the Jaguar tells us to set up shop at so we can start the hunt. What hunt? Whatever he tells us to hunt in his golden coins we do. That is the rule. That is the only rule. That, and 'the driver picks the soundtrack'. Only two rules.

Where The Wild Things Are!

xxxxxEvil Satanic Powers: Some families play UNO, others make blood pacts under the black of the moonless sky. She never learned much about these entities, but if Haley catches scent of sulfur at a crossroads, she is more than willing to go hunting.

xxxxxNothin' But A Good Time: Regeneration is a motherfucker when you want to live The Lifestyle, but Haley does push hers to the max. For as long as the pack doesn't need her at any given time, unwinding is about wreaking havoc, be it in a nightclub or behind the local 7-Eleven.

xxxxxDaughter of Winter: The Storm Lords have embraced Haley's battered self after her rites of passage, and they haven't regretted it yet. Maybe she is meant for more than what she is, but the Night Sun pack is taken care of, and their leader remains a pillar they may all lean on.

xxxxxThunderstruck!: Don't let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow, just DO IT! Haley is one of those outspoken trailblazers from the Thunder and she is usually the embodiment of her Lodge: she shines ahead of the pack. Not a silent commander or taciturn tactician, this one.

xxxxxNight Sun Pack: Jam, hunt, drink, pass out, rinse and repeat. Unless the totem sends them to kill something specific to sacrifice to the Jaguar of the Underworld. That is most definetely a thing.


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