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“Some ha'e a hantla fauts, ye are only a ne'er-do-well.”

– Scottish Proverb


xxxxxGuy, known as Not That Guy, and sometimes as This Fucking Guy, is an Immortal. An Immortal with little to recommend him - in Fallcoast he is attached to a social worker, and he receives regular counselling in some sort of attempt to help him pay back the numerous fines he has acquired in his relatively short life. Guy reeks of loserdom - addicted to whippets, without even the decency to hold a proper drug habit down, he's done small amounts of jail time for amazingly petty crimes, and can be hired assuming anyone wants someone who is kind of weird and relatively ethics-free. Guy is notable for producing a Zine called Keep Fallcoast Weird, and being an absolute tinfoil hatter who believes in conspiracy theories. He is also hired to clean the Butters and Skinner buildings. At least, that's the deal - and he does seem to clean them. If he also moonlights doing less savory work, well...let's face it. Butters is a GEM for keeping this guy employed. He is physically in great shape.

xxxxxSymbiote, on the other hand, is a hacker. Competent, sketchy, and a hacker with a reputation for being willing to do the dirty bits. Symbiote has a noticeable typing quirk of never using capital letters and his speech pattern is rapid and incoherent. Symbiote is brilliant, but his focus is spotty, and while he claims to be male, there is no real sign of this, since he has also claimed a number of other things. Guy has as tendency to think of Symbiote as an AI.

xxxxxGlory, on the other other hand, is just a relentless fanauthor who pumps out vast - VAST - amounts of nerdy fanfic, including excruciating purple prose and has a pretty weird predilection for painfully complex lesbian love affair subplots. Glory claims to be a chick online. Glory claims a lot of things. But she is emotionally completely balanced.

xxxxxGuillermo is the Gestalt of the three of them together. The original, and strongest personality, he swaps in the fragments as he needs them, in order to protect his core self. The flesh is maintained by Guy, who chose to risk it all and become an immortal. The lord of the mind is Symbiote, who safeguards the logical side. And the one who can recover from anguish is Glory, queen of the heart. Guillermo does not think of himself as having Multiple Personality Disorder - that whole 'disorder' part is terrible advertising. This is a SOLUTION.

RP Hooks
  • Want to get somewhere online without a trace? Symbiote can hook you up.
  • Need a bit of an immortal punching bag? Want to get punched out yourself? Guy ends up in all kinds of weird situations and he heals from everything.
  • Want a witness to evil who will blab it everywhere incoherently with enough details removed that no one knows what the hell? Be famous!
  • Maybe you've read some of Glory's stuff. It's basically constant fanservice.
  • If you're involved with Things That Should Not Be, Guy can feel the magic. Er. Horror.

Other notable things: xxxxxWhile Symbiote moonlights as a hacker, the problem is that reality keeps intruding with problems like what happens if you actually get caught doing such - the fact is, being Symbiote just never really seems to lead to the Big Pull, and Guy just can't focus long enough to turn his innate skill into longterm planning. He has been in a few different cities and racked up a large number of problems. Somehow, Guy can never really organise himself to get out of his problems, and as a result, he runs away from them.


xxxxx Angel - "Brother it don't matter, Sister don't worry, Say what you like - I'll do what you want me to do."
xxxxx Jesse - "I could be wholesome! I could be loathsome! I guess I'm a little bit shy? Why don't you like me? Why don't you like me without making me try?"
xxxxx Ritter - "Don't place faith in human beings. Human beings are unreliable things. Don't place faith in human beings. Human beings or butterfly wings.
xxxxx Mark - "Sorry your crush is heterosexual" - Condolence card from Jesse.
xxxxx Maxine - "Sorry your crush is homosexual" - Condolence card from Jesse.
xxxxx Myles - Well, I fucked that up. xxxxx Nimai - Can't say I'm looking forward to you comin' into your own. xxxxx Grace - "A million thoughts run through you, concentric circles, ever greater."

More Musical stylings:
xxxxxHey Man, Nice Shot by Filter - You'd fight and you were right, but they were just too strong.
xxxxxHeadhunter by Front 242 - Today he has no means, he's alone and anonymous, but written in his cells he has got the marks of the genius.


Symbiote.jpg Guy1.jpg

your character's name
Date of Birth: 04 Jul 1996
Apparent Age: 19
Occupation: Dissident/Hacker/Author/Cleaner
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Lust

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To follow it you must be clean
With mistakes that you do mean
Move the heart, switch the pace
Look for what seems out of place
On and on it goes
Calling like a distant wind
Through the zero hour I will walk
Cut the thick and break the thin
No sound to break, no moment clear
When all the doubts are crystal clear
Crashing hard into the secret wind
You know the way it twists and turns
Changing color, spinning yarns
You know the way it leaves you dry
It cuts you up and takes you high
You know the way it's painted gold
Is it honey? Is it gold?
You know the way it goes about
It takes you in and spits you out
Cuts you up, cuts you up, cuts you up
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